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Most people want to just shoot pictures and ignore these crucial steps for organizing their collection of digital photos on their computers. Then they wonder why they are frustrated when looking for photos and trying to do fun projects with them!
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Detailed diagram of the photography workflow I'm usingThe STORE system for organizing digital pictures.

Here’s my story…from overwhelmed to in control

I’m a dad and soon after my first child was born I became completely overwhelmed by how many digital photos I was taking. I couldn’t find any of the photos, and every day when I would transfer more photos to my computer…well I just piled them somewhere without any sort of organization. I was lost!

Over the last 10 years, after reading and trying everything, I have developed the simplest and most efficient system for organizing my digital photos. I call my system STORE because it covers everything about digital photos and videos: Shoot, Transfer, Organize, Retrieve and Export.

Today my wife and I have thousands of pictures…actually more than 100,000 pictures and videos. Yep, that’s right, one hundred thousand pictures and videos! (See the latest count here)

The cool thing is that today we know where everything is and when I transfer new pictures…well, they go where they are supposed to go and we can easily find any photo we’re looking for. It all makes sense and works! (Read the long version of my story here)

And over the last 10 years I have helped hundreds of people to take control of their growing media collection so they can organize, use and share all their precious digital memories.

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My courses contain everything I have learned and taught for more than 10 years. You get all my books plus 6 video modules containing over 30 detailed videos that will show you how to organize your digital photos step by step.
“I was able to transfer, delete some, move to appropriately named folders, and edited, added some tags and identified some people. So, at this point I am able to accomplish most of what I wanted to do – be able to organize my pictures and learn how to work with them to enhance their usefulness and appearance as well as share on the web and get prints made. Thanks very much!” – Jane

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Developed and refined over 10 years of reading, talking and helping people, my books capture the system I use to manage over 100,000 photos and videos.

“Probably would not have persevered with Picasa without having bought your book…it’s very clear and helpful. I can spring clean my picture files now! Thanks!” – Sue

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