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A look at 21 months of statistics for

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blog-statistics-graphSometimes it’s good to do a sanity check on a blog. You’ve got to go back in time and see if anyone says anything good about your blog…well at least you’ve got to find something out there about your blog…otherwise you’re writing all to yourself. That’s what I did…I went back through my analytics reports provided by Google Analytics.

100 articles in three years for
Tutorial 5 – Harness the power of keywords
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The numbers

I have started in August 2006…long time ago…21 months to be more precise. I have written many articles on organizing digital pictures and other photography related topics. While, my site is not a true photography blog (I don’t display any of my pictures, since I’m not a professional photographer), quite a few people find my photography management tutorials helpful. Anyway…here are my numbers:

  • Total number of articles: 118
  • Total page views: 17308
  • Total visits: 6000 (yes…exactly 6k as I’m writing)
  • Unique visitors: 4599
  • Feed subscriptions: 23


Most Popular Articles

Does anyone care about

The answer is yes! But, as it is true with any blog, the more effort I put into my articles the more useful my blog becomes. This was certainly true for 2008 when I started to write a bit more frequently and a bit more detailed. I slowly started to be mentioned here and there and appear on some blogs or bookmarks of photographers. Below are a list of some of the “cool” places my blog has been mentioned.

Popular Photography Magazine – Pop Flash Blog

Pop-Flash-BlogMelissa Macatee is a contributing writer for one of the many blogs on the Popular Photography website. She has written about on her Tip of the Day column. You can check out her entry HERE. Too bad she read my site before I have added two articles about creating precise keywords for organize pictures. Anyway, her review was very good I thought.

A few individual photographers

  • Brian Auer – this guy is amazing! On top of creating some great pictures, Brian is all over the internet. He touches everything that has to do with photography…forums, StumbleUpon, Digg, PhotographyVoter…everything. I don’t know how he does it, being married and having kids and a job on top of that. He only added a couple of articles to his delicious list and made me “popular”…somewhat.
  • John DeBord – Take a look at his nature pictures…they’re great!

There you have it… in a nutshell.

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