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One simple strategy to optimize your photography workflow

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Now that you have asked the right questions, figured out your purpose and defined your photography workflow steps, what do you do to make everything more efficient ? Is there something extra to be done to tie everything together in a nice and smooth process ? While I believe that there is nothing you can do to eliminate hard and repetitive work, there is one thing you can do to make all that hard work…easier.

The ABCs of an efficient photography workflow
Tutorial 7 – Create an efficient photography workflow
Is there a perfect photography workflow ?

Optimize each step of your workflow so that it helps the other steps.

This is the strategy, this is the important thing…this is it! What do I mean? Well, some steps in the STORE workflow can be made much simpler if certain things have already been done properly in previous steps. In other words, you always have to think ahead how your actions in a particular step will affect the other steps. This is true with any workflow, you can always improve the entire workflow if you think about things you can do in a particular step that impact the rest of the steps.

Do you have a strategy for your photography workflow?

Simple things can have a dramatic impact.

Here are some examples of the things I do that help my workflow move pretty smoothly.

  • When Shooting pictures it helps a lot in the Organize step if you set the date on your camera correctly (duh).
  • Also, if you set your camera to create a separate folder for each day of shooting that will also help you later when you Transfer your pictures to your computer.
  • When Transferring pictures use the automatic renaming of the picture files and folders to match your folder structure.
  • Apply tags in an organized manner. Think in terms of domains of tags, or categories of tags.
  • Organize your folders so that you can backup your pictures frequently.

Hardest work not always required

Any photographer whether a beginner or professional will tell you that the larger their photography collection gets, the harder they have to work to maintain that collection. The repetitive nature of transferring pictures, editing them, cropping them and saving them in different formats will not change no matter what we do. However, as I have explained above, I do believe that if you keep in mind all the steps in your workflow as you step through each phase, this will help you make them flow together.

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