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What is a photoblog good for ?

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I have argued in my previous article about simple marketing for photographers, that a simple website specific to your photography niche can be very powerful, even more powerful than a full fledged photoblog. That being said…what is a photoblog good for then? Well, I don’t believe a photoblog is suited for every kind of website, but it can be very well suited for certain web sites. Read along to find three ways to successfully use a photoblog.

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What is a photoblog ?

I usually like to define what I’m talking about…so even though you might know what a photoblog is, just bear with me. Well, a photoblog is a diary about pictures with…well, with pictures. You’re showing the pictures you’re taking to the world. Usually there is a unifying theme to any photoblog…whether it’s travel pictures, pictures taken around your town, black and white pictures…and so on. There are quite a few photoblogs that started when the author wanted to learn photography and wanted to show his progress to the world. I like reading those and seeing their progress.

Every successful photographer has a photoblog…really?

There are plenty of wedding photographers and business photographers that do not have a photoblog. Yet, they’re successful in their respective business. I’m only saying this because a photoblog (which is a blog with photos) doesn’t necessarily mean (read Simple marketing for photographers.) that it will make your photography business more successful. Now that I have said that right at the beginning, we can start exploring what a photoblog is good for. I am only showing three of my favorite ways to use a photoblog.

Three suitable uses for a photoblog

  • 1. A photoblog is great for teaching specific photography techniques.

    Whether you’re just learning something yourself or you’re already an expert you can teach someone else. This can mean black and white photography or how to use Photoshop to do certain things. A photoblog can be a great teaching platform. Yes, it’s true that there are literally millions of photoblogs out there, but if you want to show the world what you’re learning, a photoblog is a great tool to use. is a teaching site but…without the pictures.

  • 2. The best use for a photoblog is…a travelogue.

    This means that you use a blog to document your travels. This is my favorite way to use a photoblog. I think it blends photography with travel and this combination is just very cool! I love reading travelogues and I have my own…of course ! Again, there are many travel photoblogs on the internet, but a photoblog is a great way to document and share your travels.

  • 3. A photoblog is good for showing progress…your progress!

    If you’re learning photography or some editing technique, a photoblog is a great way to share your progress and discoveries with others. I have seen quite a few photoblogs that post a picture everyday. Some have started…well, not very pretty 🙂 but over the course of time anyone can see their progress in the way they take pictures.

Do you have a photoblog?

Are you using a photoblog for something else? How is it working for you? I’m always eager to find out how other people are using photoblogs. Share your experience and post a link to your photoblog in the comments !
Photo Credit: SXC

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Updated: December 13, 2009  Categories: Blogging, Export Pictures, Publish Pictures
Tags:    Comments: 2 Comments
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Samantha C. September 17, 2009 at 7:09 pm

Great post.
I have a photoblog! I’m using it to get started and to track my progress. Also, there are others on Aminus that lend their comments and it helps me alot since I’m new at the whole photography thing, but I am looking to pursue it and take it as far as I can. Thanks for the info!

Samantha C.


vlad September 25, 2009 at 6:02 am

Samantha…thanx for your comment and for sharing your photo blog. Yes, this is a great use for a photo blog. I like your pictures too.


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