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How to organize baby pictures

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I find myself today in almost the same situation as when I started this blog. In the summer of 2006 I had my first baby, my daughter! That was three years ago. Now, three years later I had my second baby, my son! This is a great blessing indeed! Because we live in modern times with digital cameras, babies come with…well, among many other things, lots of pictures. And all these pictures need organization. There are a few things about organzing baby pictures that make the task a little different especially if you’re only using folders for organizing your pictures.

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Many people love to see your baby’s pictures

I have a large family, and my wife has a large family as well…so we have lots of relatives and lots of friends. Some have access to a computer while others don’t. Our challenge is to send pictures to everyone. We have used email, Facebook and Fotki as our means for sharing the great news of the birth as well as send new pictures almost every day. For some family members however we have to print pictures and send them via regular mail.

How do you organize baby pictures?
baby feet

Well everyone wants new pictures so they see how the baby is growing up. It is true, the first months of a baby’s life are the most dramatic in terms of their growth and development. Facial features as well as gestures change constantly with babies. So, it’s only normal to take lots of pictures. And it’s also normal to want to share them. Our challenge is to produce pictures for different formats: email, web publishing and paper printing. So how do I organize my folders to accomplish this?

Organize baby pictures with folders first

I have found out with our first baby that I need another layer of folders on top of the events since with babies there are no real events other than the passing of time (Read Organize your pictures in 5 easy steps). Every day is an event for babies. I take pictures every single day, sometimes more pictures and some times less pictures. So here is my folder structure:

    My Pictures
      CHILD'S NAME - Create a folder with your child's name

Organize baby pictures with tags…if you have time.

Having a new baby in the house leaves little time for anything else. This applies also to tagging your pictures because usually this process can be time consuming. But if you want to add tags to your baby’s pictures I suggest an approach similar with the directory structure I was suggesting above.

This means that you create tags for the different stages in the life of your baby. This is still event focused organization but a new baby’s events have more to do with the passing of time than with concrete one time events. So I suggest tags that fit in the events tag category: first month, birth, first tooth, third month. Then you can add other tags that fit under other tag categories like actions: simile, cry, sleep and feed…well this is pretty much what a baby does so you’re pretty much set. (Read Create precise image tags).

My photography workflow for organizing pictures of my baby

So, here is what I do to avoid being overwhelmed by all these pictures. I transfer my pictures from my camera to the Transfer folder. I use software (I use FastStone Image Viewer) for creating a folder within transfer for each day I took pictures. Then I transfer them into the appropriate subfolder under Benjamin/2009.

Almost every week, I go through the pictures and add to the selected folder the best pictures that I have taken. I do some light processing and cropping and save these in the selected folder. Then I do the appropriate resizing: 800×600 for email and web publishing, and 1800×1200 (corresponding to 4×6 at 300dpi print resolution) for printing on paper using

You should also notice that I create a separate folder for videos. I don’t like to mix videos with pictures. Videos are a different beast to me. And since I take a lot fewer videos, I will only create one single folder for videos for the entire year.

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Lewis July 18, 2012 at 5:09 pm

I still do not know how to simply move pic inside a folder drag and drop. As I find pic from every where I want them in order.


I have copied baby pic from a shoe box to the proper name and tags. The next shoe box has pic that need to be put in between 2 pictures this my problem we used to be able to drag and drop.


vlad July 20, 2012 at 12:50 pm

Lewis…not shure what you mean by shoebox. Dragging and dropping works with pictures like with any other files. I might not understand your question though….maybe you can help.



Jane September 26, 2014 at 3:20 pm

I use Lifecake for this cause everything is organized by age automatically. A naming system just takes too long!


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