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Write a photo blog and make your pictures famous

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A photo blog is a diary with picturesOver the years I have accumulated many travel pictures that I wanted to share on the internet. It was pretty easy to get my pictures published on the internet at first, but then I noticed that hardly anyone was finding my pictures on the internet. Even though I didn’t know anything about SEO or page ranking, I realized pretty quickly that having the pictures published on the internet and having people actually come visit my site are two entirely different things.

Adding the right text in the right place will make your pictures visible on the Internet
Tutorial 10 – How to make your images popular on the Internet
Inside secrets about

First I started learning about the HTML elements necessary for search engines to find and index my pictures (Read How to make your pictures visible on the internet), then I learned about blogging as a means to make my pictures even more visible. At first I didn’t really know why I would have to start a blog to get my pictures notice, but then as I learned more about internet publishing, things started to make sense.

Why should you care about keeping a photo blog?
A photo blog is a diary with pictures

Why does a photo blog help your pictures?

Search engines love text; text is the life and blood of a search engine; text is almost everything to search engines; text is…ok…enough. Text serves as the basis of how everything is measured and indexed and returned as search results. For me, it has become very clear that without text around my pictures, my images will continue to be “dead” on the internet. And I’m not talking about any kind of text but rather, structured text.

A photo blog (Read What is a photo blog good for?) helps with this very thing: structured text. The structure of a blog is perfect for search engines. The reason is because a blog by definition has relationships between elements, and relationships are very important in determining significance on the web. Blogs have titles, subtitles, categories and tags and most importantly a search engine can easily find the relationships between all these elements (RSS feeds for example).

As a result, if you add your pictures as part of blog articles, with significant text and tags around them, it will be a lot easier for search engines to place your pictures in the right categories and be able to return them as part of search query results.

My travel blog helps my pictures be visible

I will offer my own travel blog as an example. If you go to Google Images ( and perform a search for Monterey you will notice an image from my travel blog on the first page (usually the fourth or fifth image). The image is from…that’s my travel blog. If you click the image, the link takes you to my blog post about visiting Monterey. So, instead of indexing just my image, Google has indexed my article that contains this particular picture from Monterey.

How do you do this?

If you don’t have a photo blog, start by picking a web hosting company (Read 10 things to look for when choosing a web hosting company) that will allow you to setup a blog (I recommend Once you have a blog, you can start writing articles about your pictures. Make sure you add detailed and specific text around your image (Read How to make your pictures visible on the internet).

Are the results guaranteed?

Well, some results are pretty much guaranteed. You will definitely get a lot more attention from search engines…how much attention you get really depends on your content. If you add other ways to get your pictures noticed you will be surprised by the results after a few months. Now, if you’re asking me how much money will you be able to make…well, I don’t know…that’s another story altogether!

photo credit: SXC

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Updated: March 31, 2013  Categories: Blogging, Publish Pictures
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Adding the right text in the right place will make your pictures visible on the Internet
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pdposter July 10, 2012 at 12:42 pm

Hi i am suffering from the same problem i create a Public domain image website and publish it but i have not the written content which causing me not to get back links please help.


vlad September 16, 2012 at 5:43 am

Well…there is not much I can help with your content. You need to create it.


Project Public Domain Pictures September 16, 2012 at 3:20 am

Simple but true tips. I myself share my photos for free and it is fun especially when someone emails me and thanks me for some of my pictures they used.


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