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Adobe Lightroom version 3.0 BETA

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Adobe Lightroom v 3.0 Beta has been released for sometime now. You can download it too and play with it. You can even send your feedback to Adobe. I believe the software will work until April of 2010 when they are planning to release the commercial version. See link at the bottom of this article to download Adobe Lightroom 3.0 Beta.

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What Is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom?

This is what Adobe says about their own product. What do you say about Lightroom?

“Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software is a digital darkroom and efficient assistant designed for serious amateur and professional photographers. With Lightroom, you can organize, enhance, and showcase your images all from one fast and nimble application that’s available on Macintosh and Windows® platforms.
* Manage your growing photo collection in a visual library that makes it quick and easy to organize, find, and select your images.
* Get the absolute best from every shot—whether raw, JPEG, or TIFF—using state-of-the-art nondestructive editing tools.
* And when you’re ready, showcase your images with the impact they deserve using customizable print layouts, powerful slideshows, web gallery creation tools, and connection to online photo sharing sites (may require third-party plug-ins).”

Have you tried Adobe Lightroom version 3.0 BETA?

My own take on Adobe Lightroom version 3.0

In general I love Adobe Lightroom. If I could afford it I would buy it right away. But for now I keep just playing with the trial and beta versions until I can buy it.
One thing that I noticed is different from version 2.5 is the way keywords are displayed. I can no longer create categories of keywords like I was able to do in version 2.5. I really loved that feature in version 2.5. I think that the ability to group my keywords is a great feature. Otherwise my keywords will be all over the place and I have a very high potential for creating duplicate keywords.

Additional Resources

Download Adobe Lightroom version 3.0 BETA for free.

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Updated: December 10, 2015  Categories: Software Review
Tags:    Comments: 2 Comments
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Jeff C. December 4, 2010 at 2:36 pm

You mention in 3 version that you can no longer create categories of keywords.

Are you sure about that as many tutorials on the net seem to indicate you can in Lightroom 3. Example:


vlad December 6, 2010 at 4:20 am


Thanx much for you note. I looked at this article and noticed the keyword categories are indeed included in version 3. When I tested Beta 1 and Beta 2 it seemed to me that they have changed the keywords panel as compared with Lightroom 2. I was not able to add keywords categories in Beta 1 but in Beta 2 I was somewhat able to do it even though it didn’t seem very easy. So…thanx for your note.


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