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My pictures counter for December 2009

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How many digital pictures do you have? Have you ever counted them? It’s easy! At the end of October 2009 I decided to keep track of how many digital pictures and videos I have on my hard drive. So, I hope to be able to provide an update at the end of each month and show you how many pictures & videos I have, how much space they take and how much space I have left on my main hard drive.

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My digital pictures counter for December 2009

  • Pictures & videos: 41,810 files
  • Total size: 102 GigaBytes(GB)
  • Space remaining: 48 GigaBytes
  • Since last month: + 1510 files
  • Since last month: 0 size

Why the difference from last month?

Hmmm…over 1500 more pictures but same size on the disk. Thinking back, I believe I remember cleaning up some videos that were duplicated. So, while we took quite a few pictures in December, the size didn’t increase because I deleted some large video files. That’s ok.

My computer hardware setup

I am pretty cheap when it comes to purchasing technology. I usually buy older technology because it’s much cheaper than the new technology…duh! I have an old PC (probably more than five years old) with two internal hard drives. One hard drive is smaller (100Gb) and I use it mainly for all my programs and some media other than pictures and videos. I have some music and lots of podcasts on that drive. I divided it in two partitions (40Gb for programs and 60Gb for other media).

The second hard drive is dedicated to my pictures and videos. It is a bit larger than my system disk (150Gb). This is where all my pictures are being stored.

The third hard drive is external and it is the largest of them all (200Gb). I have also created two partitions: one that is 150Gb for my pictures and another partition that is 50Gb for backing up my documents and some other media. I back up both my pictures and all my music and podcasts. This is a simple hard drive enclosure where I have added an internal hard drive. I build it myself so that I make sure that there is a good hard drive inside. Simple but functional.

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