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You may be a professional photographer whether you like it or not.

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Digital photography has turned every mom and dad into a professional photographer. Well, not exactly professional as in having to live from our pictures, but a professional photographer because we all have to deal with a ton of pictures. You see, professional photographers, you know those people who have the coolest jobs and travel around the world for free, they live because of the pictures they take. They have been forced by their profession to organize and protect their pictures. They have to! Otherwise, they can’t find and refine their products and if they can’t do that…well they’re done as far as being professional photographers.

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Ordinary people like us, meaning not professional photographers, do not have these kinds of pressures when it comes to our digital pictures. We don’t earn a living from our pictures so normally, we don’t feel compelled to take great care of our digital pictures collections, until…

Here is my story

I used to be pretty relaxed about my digital pictures until a few things started happening. I loved my first digital camera and I was taking pictures left and right. I had no particular worries as far as organizing my digital pictures or backing them up, until my first child was born. With that wonderful event, the quantity of pictures increased ten fold almost instantly. In addition, the pictures I was taking started to become a lot more valuable.

Slowly, as the number of pictures on my computer increased very quickly, my frustration level was increasing as well. My wife was in the same boat as well. We both started to have a hard time finding the pictures we were looking for and spending more and more time looking for pictures. Instead of enjoying the pictures we were taking, we were spending more time looking for them. We had too many pictures and we were not prepared for them.

That’s when we realized that we have to learn how to organize our pictures if we want to be free to enjoy them. But what do we do? Where do we start? How do we organize our pictures in order for us to be able to enjoy them anytime we want to?

After more than three years of developing and refining our method, we are able to successfully manage over 40,000 pictures currently (you can also download my book for a very clear picture of the entire process). The picture below summarizes the method we’re using for keeping our pictures and our sanity together.

Detailed diagram of the photography workflow I’m using
Detailed diagram of the photography workflow I'm using

Efficient picture organization looks like a pyramid with multiple layers

At the top of the pyramid is your enjoyment of your pictures while the bottom layers are structures and processes you do on a regular basis to ensure that your enjoyment of the pictures stays firmly supported and balanced.

While the first two layers of the pyramid are pretty straight forward, the third layer is where most people run into trouble. The third layer (called Organize Pictures) is what holds the entire pyramid together. If you miss this one, then your enjoyment at the top will be very wobbly.

This is why I broke layer number three in three different steps. It is these three steps that is about…for the most part at least. If you want to concentrate at some point in your photography workflow, this is where you should start.

  • The first and most important layer of picture organization is an efficient folder structure. If you miss this one…well your pyramid will be wobbly.
  • The second layer is your image tags or keywords.
  • The third layer is geotags or adding geographic location to your pictures.

A picture is worth about 500 words

Well, that’s how long this article is…about 500 words. The diagram I have posted above summarizes the entire post very well I believe. This diagram will also help you navigate through since I have created my categories to match the layers of this diagram. I hope you find it helpful for keeping things together…it certainly helps me.

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