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How many pictures do you take in a year?

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Have you every thought about how many pictures you take each month? How about each year? I have started in October 2009 to keep track of how many pictures and videos I was having on my computer. Now, it’s been a year since I started this simple exercise and it’s time to draw some conclusions. Read on to find out who many pictures and videos we took over last year.

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Easy way to find out how many pictures you have

When I started counting my files back in October last year I wanted a very simple way to measure. The easiest way I found to count my pictures was to look at the properties of the “My Pictures” folder.

To do this I right-click on the “My Pictures” folder and choose Properties. This is the easiest way to see how many files I have and what is the total size of the “My Pictures” folder.

So, how many pictures did we take in one year?

October 2009 October 2010
Pictures & Videos: 30,105 Pictures & Videos: 52,850
Size: 95 GigaBytes Size: 155 GigaBytes

Analyzing the number of digital pictures and videos over one year.

Conclusion? Well, it’s easy to see. In one year we took over 22,000 pictures taking 60 GigaBytes of space. Wow…that’s a lot of pictures. Yes, granted, some pictures are duplicates with different sizes and different editing applied to them, but still that’s a lot of pictures.

Going at this rate we should be getting close to filling up our new 1 TeraByte hard drive in about 12 years. That’s if I don’t start shooting a lot of HD videos.

How many pictures do you take a month?

I am curious how we are doing as a family…in terms of taking pictures and videos. How many are you taking?

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