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How to organize picture folders with Picasa

In my last article about Picasa I have discussed the most efficient way to transfer your pictures from your camera to your computer using Picasa. If Picasa is setup correctly, transferring your pictures with Picasa can really save you a lot of time.

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Let’s continue the example I used while talking about transferring pictures with Picasa (Read Transfer your pictures with Picasa in 3 steps ). This time however, let’s see how we can quickly organize these pictures so that they will be easy to remember and find on my computer.

Get your pictures transferred efficiently with Picasa

After transferring a bunch of pictures in Picasa, your folder structure looks like this:

My Pictures

Let me just recap quickly what this folder structure represents. The TRANSFER folder is the interim holding place of my digital pictures once I transfer them from my camera to my computer. I keep piling them up separated by the date when the pictures were taken.

The FAMILY folder, which includes year folders, represents the final place for these folders of pictures. The difference between the FAMILY folder and TRANSFER folder is that each year folder under the FAMILY folder contains folders that have more details in the folder names. In fact they contain the date, the place and a short description of the event described by the picture in that folder.

Bottom line is that the TRANSFER folder is a temporary, transitional place for my picture folders, while the FAMILY folder represents the final place where my picture folders will go.

Identify the events and rename the folders

Now that your pictures have been transferred to your computer, it’s time to work on them a little bit and move them to their permanent place.

The first thing I do, I open each folder and try to identify the event or events that are described in the pictures. Then I rename the folder using my super secret naming convention (Read Organize your pictures in five easy steps). Actually it’s just the date, the place and a short description.

To rename a folder in Picasa just right-click on the folder and choose Edit Folder Description.
How to rename a folder in Picasa.

Just enter a new name in the Name field in the Folder Properties window.
Change the name of a folder with Picasa.

My folder structure looks like this:

My Pictures

Next Section: Combine folders containing similar events

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