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Select and group your best pictures in 2 simple steps with Picasa

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Ever since digital photography has replaced film photography, we have too many pictures, and many of them are not great pictures. Therefore, it is very important to be able to select and group the best pictures out of many pictures. Picasa makes it very easy to accomplish this. Read on to learn out how to select and group your best pictures using Picasa.

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Ask the right questions

The first question you have to ask is why am I selecting these pictures for? Are you selecting them so you can e-mail them to your family and friends? Do you want to share them online? Do you want to print them? Once you figured out the answer to these questions you are ready to start selecting the best pictures.

Examine the tools available in Picasa for selecting your best pictures

Picasa has two tools for you to select and group best pictures. The first tool is the “star” which simply means you apply a “star” to the pictures you like to select for your purpose. The second tool is the “album” which is a grouping of your “star” pictures. Using these two concepts is very easy.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say I went to London in England and I spent three days there in different places. On my computer I have three folders from my trip to London. I would like to select the best pictures from my trip to Paris and put them on my travel website.

Step 1: Select your best pictures in Picasa

So, I start in the first folder and I “star” the pictures I like. I simply page through my pictures and click the star button at the bottom of Picasa in the middle.

Picasa allows you to select your best pictures by clicking the star button to select your best pictures.
Choosing best pictures with Picasa

Step 2: Group the best pictures into a Picasa album

After you have finished “starring” the first folder, you need to add them to an album for London. You select all the “starred” pictures in that folder with one button click on the “star” button in the folder listing.

Clicking on the “star” button in a folder will select all “starred” pictures.
Selecting best pictures with Picasa

Now let’s add these “starred” pictures to my album, which is simply a grouping of pictures. Picasa will not create a folder or anything else on your hard drive, it will just create a logical grouping that you will only see in Picasa.

Right-click on one of the selected “starred” pictures and add the entire selection to an album.
Adding selected pictures to a Picasa album.

Now I have my “starred” photos from one folder all grouped in an album called “web-london”. Then I go to the other two folders for my London trip and repeat the process and add all the “starred” photos to the same album “web-London”. In the end my album has 74 pictures and it is listed in the Albums section of the Picasa navigation section.

An album in Picasa is a grouping of selected pictures.
A Picasa album is a logical grouping of pictures.


Picasa makes it pretty easy to select and group your favorite pictures. You select them by applying a star to them and then you group them into a Picasa Album. This way all your favorite pictures are easily identifiable on the Picasa screen. The next question is what do you do with your favorite pictures? Do you want to e-mail them? Do you want to put them on Facebook? For this you need to learn how to export your favorite pictures with Picasa. It’s pretty easy, but you’ve got to wait until my next article.

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