Independent Course for organizing your digital photos

More than 30 videos + all my books + email support

“Developed and refined over a long period of reading, talking and helping people, STORE is the simplest and most efficient system for organizing your digital photos. This video course along and all my books are focused on giving you everything you need for organizing and enjoying your digital media collection.”

The Independent Course – $47
“Learn how to organize your digital photos and be free to enjoy them”

  • Completely self-paced – no pressure
  • 6 video modules – 30+ videos
  • All my books – 250+ pages
  • eMail support – ask any questions
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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Highlights of the video modules

  • Module #0: Getting started with the STORE system (8 videos)
    » Understand and use my STORE system.
  • Module #1 – Folder Preparation (9 videos)
    » Start with a simple yet efficient folder structure.
    » Install Picasa on Windows or Mac
    » Learn how to generate photo folders automatically
  • Module #2 – Software Preparation (8 videos)
    » Learn how to navigate efficiently in Picasa, FastStone and Lightroom
    » Learn how to use iPhoto efficiently and how to export and migrate your events from iPhoto
  • Module #3 – Transfer photos (5 videos)
    » Transfer photos with Picasa, FastStone and Lightroom
  • Module #4 – Organize Pictures (2 videos)
    » Organize your existing photos with Picasa
  • Module #5 – Organize Pictures (3 videos)
    » Adding photo metadata with Picasa, Lightroom and XnView
  • Module #6 – Export Pictures (4 videos)
    » Select favorite photos with Picasa
    » Backup all your media efficiently

Additional bonus

  • Get all my books – My course includes all my written material as well. This means that you get all my 3 books (Basics, Picasa and Reference) included for free.
  • When you enroll in my course you will automatically be subscribed to my newsletter which contains useful tips and tricks for your media collection. You will also receive access to unique multimedia content available only to subscribers.

What do people say about my course

“I was able to transfer, delete some, move to appropriately named folders, and edited, added some tags and identified some people. So, at this point I am able to accomplish most of what I wanted to do – be able to organize my pictures and learn how to work with them to enhance their usefulness and appearance as well as share on the web and get prints made. Thanks very much!” – Jane

“Vlad your clarity is amazing! Thank you for all your insights!   With STORE I know I can do this. A very happy STORE student.” Scott

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