batteriesI have just written about what a big difference good rechargeable batteries make on the road. You can’t compare regular alkaline batteries with good rechargeable batteries. There’s no comparison. When I use good rechargeable batteries I can actually enjoy taking pictures without having to worry about my batteries dying.

Rechargeable Batteries – what a big difference!

I have been traveling for the past month and I have been taking lots of pictures…of course. It is amazing what a difference great rechargeable batteries make. I have written in the past about improving your battery life and I have mentioned the batteries made by GE/Sanyo.

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6 easy steps to dramatically increase battery life

batteriesMy batteries are dead! Not again! I have owned two digital cameras over several years and I can definitely say that I have said these phrases at least a few times. Find out how a few simple things can dramatically improve the life of your batteries.

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