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Software Review – XnView

viewer XnView is a great FREE image viewer. It comes to us from France. Who says the French can’t write good software? Hmmm…maybe nobody…I just heard it somewhere 🙂 . I have tried many free image viewers and photo organization software and found only a few decent ones. Commercial software is somewhat better but you can find FREE software that works the same sometimes better than commercial software. XnView is one example of FREE image viewers that works great.

Backup your pictures in 6 easy steps using SyncBack Freeware

hard drive Finally I get to write about setting up a simple backup plan for your digital pictures. Last week I have written about the things that you need in order to be able to backup your pictures. So, assuming that you have an extra hard disk (internal or external) you can start backing up your digital pictures. In this article I will explain how I backup my pictures using SyncBack Freeware software.

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