YOURS FREE! 10 crucial steps most people miss when organizing their digital photos

Most people want to just organize their digital pictures and ignore these crucial steps right at the beginning...when they are shooting and transferring their digital pictures. Then they wonder why they can't organize their digital photos! Avoid most people's mistakes and start on the right track!

When did I take that picture?


If you’re like most people, you would rely on your memory to figure out when you took a particular picture. Well, I think it was in June sometime because we went to the park that day and I remember those boats in the background. Ok…it’s a combination of some clues in the picture and your memory, but the latter being the definitive authority on remembering things.

However, the good news is that your camera really helps you to know exactly when a picture was taken. Each time you take a picture, your camera records some information about that picture, including the date when the picture was taken. It does record many other things (aperture, exposure, if you used the flash or not, F stop and other things), but you probably only care about when your picture has been taken.

MAKE SURE you set your camera’s date and time!

The only problem is that most people do not set the date on their camera when they buy it. Most of the times, the camera you buy has the wrong time zone set and probably the wrong time also…with most cameras being made in China, who knows what time zone you have by default? So, make sure you read in your manual and set your camera’s date and time now.

Start organizing now using detailed, step-by-step instructions and videos:
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