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5 reasons I backup my digital pictures frequently


Do you really need to backup your pictures? The simple answer is YES! I’m hoping to explain why backing up your pictures is so important. Before I bought my first digital camera did I ever worry about backing up my photos? Of course not…I printed all of them and kept the negatives and that was my backup…no need to worry. The thought never went through my mind !

But now, that I have a digital camera and I have accumulated literally tens of thousands of pictures I do have to think about a backup copy (at least one) of all my pictures. Even though I do print my favorite pictures on a regular basis I still need to back everything up…why? Because I only print maybe 10% of the pictures I take. So what about the rest? And the videos…my family, my daughter, my hiking trips, all the landscapes and the good times…what happens if my hard disk fails? They’re all gone! So, I have to think about backing up my pictures. There are simply too many to print and too many to lose.

I believe anyone with a digital camera has to have a backup plan with at least another copy of all the pictures and videos. So, for the next few weeks I’ll be writing about efficient ways to backup up your pictures and hopefully some simple ways by which you can do this operation yourself.

Simple but strong reasons why I backup my pictures:

  1. I only print about 5-10% of my digital pictures
  2. I had to replace my main hard drive twice in the last 7 years due to hardware failure – hard drives DO crash! Very good thing I had a backup copy of all my pictures.
  3. I had to reformat my main hard drive at least once in the last 4 years due to software failure.
  4. I did have one total computer crash in the last 7 years – motherboard died completely
  5. I have accumulated over 30,000 pictures over the last 7 years – LOTS of memories to protect.

Additional resources for backing up your digital pictures

Check out my favorite external drives for backing up your digital pictures:
For Windows: Check out the Western Digital 1 TB Mirror Edition
For Mac: Check out the Western Digital 1 TB Mirror Edition

Start organizing now using detailed, step-by-step instructions and videos:
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