Best way to organize baby photos

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If your criterion for organizing pictures is events and you have a baby, you will soon discover that your folder structure doesn’t support baby pictures well. If I want to use “events” as the criterion, then all my baby pictures folders would read something like 06_06_15-home or 06_06_17-park . I would have hundreds of folders like that in the first year for my daughter. This doesn’t really make much sense and would create lots of problems when trying to look for specific pictures.

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When you want to organize baby photos, you do it the same way as organizing any other digital photo…with one small difference: quantity. When children are born we tend to take lots and lots more pictures every single day. In addition, their changes are visible week to week. For babies, change is the main event in their first few years of life.

Baby photos need more organization

My baby daughter was changing very, very, very quickly…so I was taking lots pictures every day for at least the first six months. So, I quickly realized that I would have to go one level deeper in my folder structure. It seemed very natural that I would add an extra layer of folders for each month. So, my folders look like the example below. You can easily notice that I have added an extra layer of folders for each month. I believe the easiest thing you can do is to add another sub-for each month as illustrated below. This way it will be a lot easier to locate your pictures later.

Assuming that you’re relying on folders alone for your organization…what can you do to help your folder structure cope with a new flood of pictures? This article will give you some help in that direction.

»My Pictures
» Child's_name

How about baby videos?

Another thing that you will do for sure is to take lots of videos. Personally, I was taking a lot more photos than videos. I tried separating the videos from the photos but then they would be harder to find and that didn’t make sense since the videos were related to the photos. Thus, I changed my direction and decided to place both photos and videos from the same event in the same folder. Makes a lot more sense.

Essentials for organizing your digital photos

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Best way to organize baby photos 1Excellent Lightroom and Picasa alternative. If you're looking for a cheaper and simpler photo manager then ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac (70% off until October 28, 2020) or ACDSee Pro for Windows is my preferred solution for organizing your media on your computer. It has a very fast browser, beautiful image editing capabilities and you don't work with catalogs at all.

Best way to organize baby photos 3If you do a lot of image editing like I do, I recommend using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC via the annual Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Lightroom has excellent photo editing capabilities. Yes, Lightroom has a steeper learning curve as you have to learn to keep your catalogs in sync with your hard drive. But if do image editing, Adobe Lightroom is my favorite.

Best way to organize baby photos 5 I recommend Backblaze Cloud Backup for affordable & reliable unlimited cloud backup. I have been using Backblaze for backing up all pictures & videos for more than 4 years now. All my invaluable digital memories are safe and secure.

In addition, make sure you have an inexpensive and reliable external hard drive for backing everything up. It is absolutely essential for backing up your media regularly.

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