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Rechargeable Batteries – what a big difference!


I have been traveling for the past month and I have been taking lots of pictures…of course. It is amazing what a difference great rechargeable batteries make. I have written in the past about improving your battery life and I have mentioned the batteries made by GE/Sanyo.

Now I have really put them to the test and they perform excellently. I can fill more than 2Gb of pictures on my Canon A710 Is camera on one battery charge. And I’m using the flash and the camera screen as I wish, without restriction.As I was traveling to some tourist spots I kept hearing people saying: “my batteries are dying…again!”. I know that sentence very well but this time I had nothing to worry about. I had another set of batteries with me already charged and the set I was using would not die.

I got so excited about great rechargeable batteries that I have started using them in remote controls, wall clocks…pretty much anywhere I was using regular batteries before. The only problem is that I have already bought a large supply of regular alkaline batteries. What do I do with them now?

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