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Rechargeable Batteries – beware of the drain!


batteriesI have just written about what a big difference good rechargeable batteries make on the road. You can’t compare regular alkaline batteries with good rechargeable batteries. There’s no comparison. When I use good rechargeable batteries I can actually enjoy taking pictures without having to worry about my batteries dying.

However, with that being said, one more thing is also important to be told. Rechargeable batteries, while they hold lots of power they hold it for very little time if not used. What do I mean by that?


The same great batteries that I have mentioned (Sanyo/GE 2700 mAh) did not hold any charge when not used for 6 or 7 days. After some research on the web I found out that this problem is common to all NiMH batteries. So, my advice is: make sure you charge your batteries right before you want to use them. Don’t rely on batteries you’ve charged before but haven’t used for a while…you will be very disappointed.

Or buy the new Eneloop batteries from Sanyo/GE. These hold a bit less power (only 2000 mAh) but they hold their power for a long long time when not in use. If you use these batteries you don’t have to worry about recharging them the day before you plan to use them. And one more thing: when you buy them they come ready to use even though they might have waited in the warehouse for a few weeks or even months.

I was almost ready to send my camera back to the manufacturer to be fixed because the lens would not open or close. I had two sets of batteries that I have recharged a week before but haven’t used at all. I put both of them in there an still the lens would not open or close. I though for sure my camera is broken (even though it’s only 5 months old). Then I read a bit more online and decided to recharge my batteries again and then when I tried my camera with refreshed batteries…everything worked!

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