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iMatch – an exercise in frustration


frustrationIn my quest to find an alternative for Adobe Lightroom I was told to give iMatch a try because it would do what I need. So I proceeded to try doing the same exercise in keywording that I have done with Adobe Lightroom. However, I can’t really write much about it because I couldn’t do it and I got very frustrated with the software.

I know I have written keywords in the IPTC fields using Adobe Ligthroom. I was able to see all those keywords with other software like iTag and xnViewer but with iMatch I wasn’t even able to see them. The interface for iMatch looks very confusing and the wizard for importing pictures looks very complicated with a lot of questions I don’t know how to answer.


The features list is very impressive and I’m sure that it is a very powerful software, but I found it very hard to work with and I couldn’t do my task which was to be able to use the existing keywords and create more groups of keywords and assign them to the IPTC fields of those…pretty simple.

Well…if any of you has a simple tutorial for me to be able to create keywords and group them into categories of keywords…I’m really interested in seeing how to do it. For now I’ll remain dissapointed by the software. It’s true though…the price tag is a lot more affordable: $64.99 which is a lot better than $299 that Adobe is asking for Lightroom. But if I can’t do what I need it doesn’t really matter if iMatch is cheaper…I’ll keep looking.

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