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Inside secrets about

open continues their project with another phase. They want some answers to questions that have to do with source of readers for my blog.

Here are the kinds of questions they are asking:

So, where do you have readers from? In which countries are you popular? Which site is your best referrer friend? What search engine your readers are using to find you? Are many of your readers using feed readers checking the RSS feed of your blog regularly? And a geeky one at the end: have you ever checked what operating systems and browsers your readers are using?

Here are the answers for based on last year of activity:

  • Countries: USA (about 60%) , Canada ( 7% ), United Kingdom ( 6%), Germany (3%), Australia (2%)
  • Referer Sites: StumbleUpon (25%),, (10%), (4%),
  • Search Engines: Google (85%), Yahoo(10%), Ask(2%), AltaVista (1%), AOL(1%)
  • RSS Feeds: I have about 25 blog readers subscribed to my feed and 3 email subscribers
  • Operating Systems: Windows (more than 80%) , Mac (about 10%), Linux (about 3 %)
  • Browsers: Firefox (more than 50% :) ), Internet Explorer ( about 35%), Safari (about 3%), Opera (about 3%), Mozilla (less than 1% – this one’s dying )

There it is… fully exposed ! :)

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