YOURS FREE! 10 crucial steps most people miss when organizing their digital photos

Most people want to just organize their digital pictures and ignore these crucial steps right at the beginning...when they are shooting and transferring their digital pictures. Then they wonder why they can't organize their digital photos! Avoid most people's mistakes and start on the right track!

Lost my comments for the last two weeks

I have just returned from my vacation and I looked over the comments that I received in the last two weeks…and I messed up! I have accidentally deleted all of them instead of deleting only the spam comments. I’m still getting used with the new WordPress 2.5 interface…it looks like I need more practice.

I did notice that there were a few comments that I wanted to reply to…but I deleted them! Sorry. If you would like to enter your comments again then I would be able to reply to you. If not…oh well! I could go through the daily backups and try to find those comments but I do not have the time to do that unfortunately.

Start organizing now using detailed, step-by-step instructions and videos:
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