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Facebook says no to image geotags

I have been searching the Internet for a while trying to find how to use the geotags I have in the images I share on Facebook. I was sure I would find an application or some plug-in that would do it. I was wrong !

Even after four years Facebook does not read image geotags

I have written this article four years ago when I tried some images with geotags in them. I gave repeated the example this year after four years and the result is the same: Facebook does not read your image geotags.

In fact it is even worse: Facebook does not read any embedded image metadata. This was probably done on purpose…otherwise it makes no sense.

This is correct. I have embedded image keywords (both IPTC and XMP), face recognition tags in the proper xmp location and Geotags in the proper EXIF location. I have uploaded the image to Facebook and…nothing. Facebook started asking me about photo location and tagging the faces…even though this information was all in the image itself.

Facebook can’t use my image geotags…bummer!

However, to this day I have been unsuccessful. There’s no way to use the geotags I have already in some of my images on Facebook. Yes, Flickr’s way of doing geotagging is old and contorted, but at least you can get your pictures showing up on a map. On the other hand, Facebook has nothing…only an application for showing the places I have visited or lived in. That’s only putting some thumbtacks on a map.

Say what?

Well…if you have found a way to use geotags on Facebook, please let me know !

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