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Image geotagging goes one step further with Flickr

It’s only a matter of time until image geotagging will become the one thing that every photographer will have to do for their pictures. This type of image metadata is becoming very useful and desired. Flickr, of course, is the master keeper of over 100 million geotagged images. This means that they can provide a tot of geographically linked images and they can also create all kinds of interesting relationships between images and photographers.

Flickr’s mobile site has become more interesting

As comments, Flickr’s mobile site has become smarter. It now provides a “pictures taken nearby” option that can show you pictures taken…well near where you are now! How, buy using your cell phone signal as a locator and then searching its huge database of geotagged images and showing you those pictures taken near you. So, this is a new application for image geotagging…and I am sure there will be many more applications. Just watch the web !

I wonder when they will do it for their regular site. Granted it’s a little harder to understand what “photos nearby” would actually mean. Maybe when you look to a photo to actually get pictures near that picture as well…however, you can already do that by simply looking at a map of pictures on Flickr.


Here’s the link to the article from ReadWriteWeb: Flickr’s mobile site gets smarter

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