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100 articles in three years for OrganizePictures.com

Today is an important day for OrganizePictures.com. I am writing article number 100. For those of you who know about blogging, you know that 100 articles is an important milestone. I have been writing for OrganizePictures.com for over three years now which means I have been able to write close to three articles per month.

A little history

What started as a simple website with a few tips about organizing pictures, it turned into a collection of very detailed articles. Over this three years lots of people have written to me asking questions and I was very pleased to be able to answer everyone. Some people have inspired me to learn more things about digital photography and write about them. OrganizePictures.com has been and still is a great experience for me primarily thanks to you, my readers.

I have started this website after my first child has been born…I was overwhelmed by how many pictures I was taking. I was taking lots of pictures, and my wife was taking lots of pictures. While it was great to have a digital camera I was not prepared for the avalanche of pictures on my computer. I started thinking, learning and trying and thinking some more and learning some more and trying some more.

Three years later we’re still taking lots of pictures and we have two children now. But at least now we have all our digital pictures organized neatly and backed up frequently. Now we can find pretty much any set of pictures we’re looking for…in less than thirty seconds, even though we have over 40,000 (yep, forty thousand) digital pictures on our computer. This is amazing considering that three years ago my wife and I were “swimming” in pictures and literally drowning, not being able to find any picture older than one month. I have learned a lot and I was happy to share it with everyone.

A simple motto has developed in my mind over these years. This applies to organization projects in general but it is very very true when it comes to organizing your digital pictures. Why should you and I learn how to organize our digital pictures? Learn how to organize your digital pictures and be free to enjoy them ! That’s it, that was and is my motto for OrganizePictures.com. This is what stands behind most of the articles I have written. These articles contain information, tips and tricks to help you learn how to organize your pictures so that you would be able to enjoy your digital pictures and also protect them.

Tools available for you today

Over the years I learned a lot about creating and maintaining a website and I started to add a few more tools so that the content of my site would be better organized and easier to find.

Enroll in my Independent Course and start organizing your digital photos now.
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  • The Tutorials section contains groupings of articles that are intended to be read in sequential order. This section will be revamped and it will hopefully be easier to navigate.
  • The e-mail list. You can add your name to this list and start getting my e-mails that contain very helpful tips and tricks for organizing your pictures.

New things I’m working on

With this important milestone for OrganizePictures.com I want to take some time and organize things a little better. Even though I have added a few things that improve navigation I am not completely pleased. So here is a list of things that I want to do. If you have any ideas please feel free to contact me. I appreciate all the input and feedback I get.

  • The Tutorials section. I want to revamp the tutorials section so that each tutorial will have its own page containing all the articles in the tutorial. This way it will be easier to go through the tutorials.
  • Organized e-mails. I want to work more on the e-mails I send out to those of you subscribed to the e-mail list. E-mail seems to be the best way to send information intended to be read in a sequential manner. So, I will be sending the tutorials in a more organized way :)
  • How to organize your videos. I want to write about organizing video clips on your computer. I have also been doing this myself but I have not written about it. If you have any tips please feel free to share them.

There will be a book…hopefully

I have been debating whether to write a book or not. I have enough material available on the site for a book and there are some readers that would like a book format (electronic) to read at their own convenience without having to be on the computer. I want to put it all together in a book format that can be easily downloaded and printed. I am not sure if I will ask for a donation or ask for a specific price…we’ll see. However, those that are on the e-mail list will probably get it for free. My hope is to be able to reduce the advertising on OrganizePictures.com if I get more money from selling this book. This will make for a better site.

Thank you!

Just wanted to say thank you to all my readers for three years! This site, your e-mails and comments helped me learn a lot more than I was hoping for. Please continue to contact me about any questions you might have regarding organizing your pictures. I’ll be happy to try answer and help you if I can.

Essentials for organizing your digital photos

Here are the essential products and services I have come to rely on for many years to keep my media collection organized and safe. Even though these are affiliate links, I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Excellent Lightroom alternative. If you need a cheaper and simpler photo manager then ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac or ACDSee Photo Studio Professional for Windows is my preferred solution for organizing all my media. It has a very fast browser, great image editing and it's simple to use.

If you do a lot of image editing like I do, I recommend using Adobe Lightroom Classic CC via the annual Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Lightroom has best photo editing capabilities even though it has a steeper learning curve. Adobe Lightroom is my favorite for image editing.

I recommend Backblaze Personal Cloud Backup for affordable & reliable unlimited cloud backup. I have been using Backblaze for backing up all pictures & videos for more than 5 years now. All my invaluable digital memories are safe and secure. This is the best solution especially if you have a large quantity of media files.

Use a reliable & affordable external hard drive for backing up everything on your computer. It is absolutely essential for keeping all your memories backed up and safe.

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