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Tutorial 6 – Insert geotags in your pictures


Digital photography can use many other technologies to add more information to your pictures. One of these technologies is to use GPS information. GPS information is used everywhere, from map making to Mapquest and Google Maps. It has become fairly easy to insert GPS information into your digital pictures. Why would you do that? Well, so that your picture show up on a map. That’s cool!

Add geographic information into your pictures.

Even though it’s technologically cool to have geographic information in your pictures, unless you actually need it, geotagging your pictures can be a waste of time if you ask me. But, if you need to have that information in your pictures, then you can learn how to do it by reading my tutorial on the subject.

Articles in this tutorial

  1. 2 simple methods for geotagging your pictures. What is image geotagging and how to use it.
  2. Geotagging and Geocoding are friends forever. What you need to know about the relationship between image Geotagging and Geocoding.
  3. Examples of using image geotags.. Two examples of my own galleries of pictures containing geotags.

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