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Tutorial 7 – Create an efficient photography workflow


A photography workflow is the made of a sequence of steps that you make to get your pictures from your camera to the intended format. Whether it’s e-mail, the web or print, you go through a certain set of steps to create that format from your original pictures. This sequence of steps can be complicated or simple, it can be efficient or inefficient depending on many factors. If you would like to learn about creating an efficient photography workflow, read this tutorial.

Why do I need a workflow?

It’s because you already have a photography workflow. Whether you like it or not, you’re making certain repeatable steps so that your pictures get from your camera to your computer and from your computer to whatever format you want to create. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional photographer or a beginner. You do have a workflow. But is it efficient?

Articles in this tutorial

  1. Is there a perfect photography workflow? – Fundamental questions and answers about your photography workflow.
  2. How to define an efficient photography workflow – Make your photography workflow more efficient.
  3. Is your photography workflow good enough? – Analyze your photography workflow and make it more efficient.
  4. The ABCs of an efficient photography workflow – Best questions to ask about your photography workflow.
  5. One simple strategy to optimize your photography workflow – How to have an efficient photography workflow.

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