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Tutorial 10 – How to make your images popular on the Internet


Search engine optimization has to do with making your website content popular on the Internet. This means pretty much that you have lots of visitors coming to your site. Most often your website traffic has to do with ranking well in search engine results. So, what can you do to optimize your photography website for search engines? Or in other words, how to do you make your pictures popular on the Internet?

I published my pictures and nobody comes to visit

It’s true! Just simply publishing your pictures to the Internet, doesn’t mean that people will just come see your pictures. You might have great pictures, but if your site does not appear in search engine results, your site is pretty much dead. This tutorial covers the basics about making your photo website “visible” on the Internet.

Articles in this tutorial

  1. Adding the right text in the right place will make your pictures visible on the Internet – How to make your pictures popular on the internet.
  2. Write a photo blog and make your pictures famous – Why are photo blogs helpful for your pictures online?.
  3. Use Flickr and Facebook to gain traffic for your photo website. – How you can use popular sites to gain traffic for your own photo website.

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