YOURS FREE! 10 crucial steps most people miss when organizing their digital photos

Most people want to just organize their digital pictures and ignore these crucial steps right at the beginning...when they are shooting and transferring their digital pictures. Then they wonder why they can't organize their digital photos! Avoid most people's mistakes and start on the right track!

Tutorial 2 – Create the most efficient folder structure


Digital pictures organization should always start with creating an efficient folder structure. This way you start to clean up your computer and prepare the way for creating a backup plan for your pictures as well. Only after naming your folders properly you will see how easy it is to add new pictures to your computer without being overwhelmed.

The first step in organizing your pictures is to create an efficient folder structure

A lot of people think that using folders to organize your pictures is outdated because there are more modern ways for organizing pictures like using image tags. However, folders are the simplest and most efficient way to start organizing your pictures. Only after creating an efficient folder structure you can start looking into using image keywords.

Articles in this tutorial

  1. Easy steps to create efficient folder names – Learn how to use your pictures folders efficiently.
  2. Build a strong foundation. How to build an extensible folder structure that will support your growing picture collection for years to come.
  3. Organize your pictures in 5 easy steps…no kidding. Step by step instructions on organizing your pictures with folders.
  4. Learn how to organize baby pictures. Having a baby always means taking tons of pictures. They are not necessarily tied to a particular event, so how to you organize them?
  5. How to organize old scanned photos. Ideas for organizing the old pictures you scan and transfer to your computer.

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