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My pictures counter for May 2011

How many digital pictures do you have? Have you ever counted them? It’s easy! At the end of October 2009 I decided to keep track of how many digital pictures and videos I have on my hard drive. Now, more than a year later I have been providing an update at the end of each month showing you how many pictures & videos I have, how much space they take and how much space I have left on my main hard drive.

My digital pictures counter for May 2011

  • Pictures & videos: 65,873
  • Number of folders: 3392
  • Total size: 214 GigaBytes(GB)
  • Space remaining: 786 GigaBytes
  • Change from last 3 months: + 4496 files
  • Size change from last 3 months: + 31Gb size

I started counting my pictures in October 2009 (Read my first article where I started counting my pictures). Check out the numbers…it’s pretty crazy!

Why the difference from last 3 months?

First of all, I need to apologize for not keeping up with my counter. However, I have been a little confused as to how to count. My dilemma comes from my present situation which is different than three months ago. I have been traveling for the past three months and will be doing so for a few more months as well (business travel). So, I wasn’t sure what to count. They I decided that I should just be adding the pictures I take while traveling and adding them to the ones I already have at home…since nobody is using the computer. During March, April and May 2011, we have taken 4496 pictures. This means more than 1000 pictures each month. Well, considering that we are in some really cool places then no wonder we’re taking a lot of pictures.

If you want to check out my travel blog and see some of the pictures go to and look for pictures from England and Belgium. I’m still in the process of adding pictures…it will take me a while.

The size increased by 31Gb, but now we have a lot more space since we have upgraded our computer and backup system to 1Tb ( Read How to setup your computer for easy backup) .

I keep using Picasa all the time now because it’s a great photo management software. Picasa has slowly been adding support for most image metadata and most of all it’s very easy to use and best of all it’s FREE. I love the search capability in Picasa…it’s super fast. Since my folders have very descriptive names, searching for specific pictures is very simple with Picasa. I’ll keep reporting on my Picasa experience.

I have stopped shooting in RAW since I don’t really have the time I need to spend editing my pictures in order to take full advantage of the RAW format. JPG works fine for me for now

My computer hardware setup while on the road

I’ll add this section because it’s always useful to see what people use to storing their photos while they travel. I have a Dell laptop and an Asus netbook. So I transfer all my pictures from my Canon T2i camera to both computers just in case one of them will be crashing (which is very possible). It’s a little tedious to transfer the pictures twice but the effort (or the peach of mind) is really worth it.

My computer hardware setup at home

I keep using our new Dell Inspirion 580s after outfitting it with an extra 1Tb internal drive. I have installed all the software we need and set up the daily automatic backup schedule. Everything is running pretty sweetly :)

As a summary, my new computer setup is as follows:

  • 1 System hard drive – 320 Gb
  • 1 Media hard drive – 1Tb
  • 1 RAID 1 backup system (2x 1Tb hard drives that replicate automatically). I use the Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition for backing up all our media files.

My photo gear

I have the new Canon T2i and loving it. I have been using it for more than a year now and love the low light capabilities of this camera. This camera is proving to be great for traveling as well.

In addition we have a Canon A570IS point and shoot that my wife loves. She still uses the Canon T2i camera sometimes, but the fact that the point and shoot is small and light makes all the difference for her. She uses it mainly to shoot lots of videos.

Start organizing now using detailed, step-by-step instructions and videos:
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