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My pictures counter for January 2012

How many digital pictures do you have? Have you ever counted them? It’s easy! At the end of October 2009 I decided to keep track of how many digital pictures and videos I have on my hard drive. For almost two years now, I have been providing an update at the end of each month showing you how many pictures & videos I have, how much space they take and how much space I have left on my main hard drive. Check out last month’s numbers.

My digital pictures counter for January 2012

  • Pictures & videos: 77,981
  • Number of folders: 2224
  • Total size: 318 GigaBytes(GB)
  • Space remaining: 682 GigaBytes
  • Change from last month: + 471 photos & videos
  • Size change from last month: + 4 Gb size

Why the difference from last month?

During January we took less than five hundred pictures! January was much slower in terms of taking pictures…no holidays…back to the normal routine. I have also worked more on our Europe travel pictures and created quite a few web albums (Check out my travel pictures at

The size increased by only 4Gb which is no problem for our storage. We just add them to our 1 Tb drive that gets backed up automatically every night ( Read How to setup your computer for easy backup).

My photo organization system keeps working and working even though now we have over 77,000 pictures and videos…no problem! (Read How to know you have a good organization system for your digital photos)

My computer hardware setup at home

At home, I keep using our new Dell Inspirion 580s after outfitting it with an extra 1Tb internal drive. I have installed all the software we need and set up the daily automatic backup schedule. Everything is running pretty sweetly 🙂

As a summary, my computer setup at home is as follows:

  • 1 System hard drive – 320 Gb
  • 1 Media hard drive – 1Tb
  • 1 RAID 1 backup system (2x 1Tb hard drives that replicate automatically). I use the Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition for backing up all our media files.

My photo gear

I have the new Canon T2i and loving it. I have been using it for more than a year now and love the low light capabilities of this camera. This camera is proving to be great for traveling as well.

In addition we have a Canon A570IS point and shoot that my wife loves. She still uses the Canon T2i camera sometimes, but the fact that the point and shoot is small and light makes all the difference for her. She uses it mainly to shoot lots of videos.

I started counting my pictures a long time ago

I started counting my pictures in October 2009 (Read my first article where I started counting my pictures). Check out the numbers…it’s pretty crazy!

Start organizing now using detailed, step-by-step instructions and videos:
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