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How to create a new folder in Picasa.

Picasa is becoming more and more popular with home photographers. It’s a great program, with great features which also happens to be completely free. However, one question keeps coming from Picasa users. This is by far the most frequent question about Picasa. This question is: “How do I create a new folder in Picasa?” Read on to find out.

Picasa doesn’t handle new folders very well

Long long time ago, Picasa was not made by Google, it was actually a nice program that another company was selling. Google simply bought the entire company and took over the development of the product. Over the years Picasa has become a very cool program.

However, one problem has remained in Picasa and this one problem is how Picasa handles the physical folder structure on your computer. It doesn’t do it very well.

Initially, Picasa was indented to only read what was on your hard drive, and not interfere at all with your physical folders. Just scan all the pictures and show them to you in chronological order.

While this has all changed, Picasa still has a limited functionality for manipulating your folders. The biggest problem of all is that you still can’t create a new folder in a very straight forward way.

In Picasa, there is no button or menu option that says: “Create New Folder”. Nope, there is not!

You can still create a new folder in Picasa

The “normal” way for creating new folders in Picasa is to not create them in Picasa but rather outside of Picasa using your operating system. Then once you put pictures in the new folder, Picasa will scan the new folder and show it to you.

You can create a new folder in Picasa by using the "Move Folder" option. Just make sure you click Cancel when done.
Create new folder with Picasa.

However, you can still create a new folder in Picasa.

If you insist about creating a new file folder with Picasa, then I’ll show you how. It’s a bit convoluted but you can still do it. Here is how you create a new folder with Picasa:

  1. You pick a folder in Picasa, any folder for that matter.
  2. Then you right-click that folder and choose “Move Folder”. Yeah, it’s weird, but it will work.
  3. Navigate the file structure and find where you want to create the new folder in. Select the parent folder.
  4. Click the “Make new folder” button in the window and give the new folder a name.
  5. Click “Cancel” because you don’t want to move anything to the new folder. You just want to create a new folder. If you click OK, then the folder you started with in step 1 will be moved to this new folder. So make sure you click “Cancel”.

Picasa will NOT show any folder that doesn’t have image files in it. If the new folder is empty, you will not see it in Picasa. Once you add an image file in the new folder, then Picasa will show it to you.

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