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Easy steps for emailing your favorite pictures with Picasa


E-mailing your favorite pictures is still a difficult task even today with so many programs that claim to organize your pictures. The reason it is difficult is pretty simple: in order to be able to send pictures by email you have to reduce their size and add them as attachments to the email. This task is somewhat simple if you only want to send one picture. However, if you want to send multiple pictures it gets very tedious and most people just don’t do it. Others send multiple emails containing their huge image files. In Picasa, however, it is very easy to send emails with your favorite pictures if you learn how to set it up.

Why emailing your favorite pictures is normally difficult

I still get a lot of emails with favorite pictures from family and friends. The pictures being sent are huge…they are larger than my screen. In addition, even with fast internet connection it takes some time to download them. Why? Because people don’t really know how to make image files smaller. In addition the whole process of sending emails with multiple attachments is pretty cumbersome too.

It should be easy…right? You pick your picture, you change the resolution, you save that new picture and then you write an email and attach the picture as an attachment. Sounds reasonable.

But what happens if you have to send 10 photos? It gets very tedious very fast…so it’s a lot easier to send the pictures full resolution. However, if you don’t reduce your image files sizes, most likely this will pass well over 20Mb and most email programs will not allow this large size to be sent. Most importantly, most people do not need the full resolution picture because they will never print pictures from you. Facebook for example reduces your pictures to about 1024px by 760 px which is very very small, but enough for sharing pictures with friends.

An example on reducing image size

I use a Canon T2i for most of my pictures. It has an 18 megapixels sensor which produces pictures 5184×3456 pixels…that’s huge!. Files saved as JPG at the finest resolution, meaning that they use the least compression, are between 6.5Mb and 9Mb in size. Think about sending 10 of these pictures!

However, when I reduce the same pictures to 900x600px to used them for my travel blog the same pictures get reduced to between 140 Kb and 380Kb in size. So I’m reducing my image files about 50 times. So, 10 of these images would be at most 4Mb combined. Not a problem!

I know this example is a little drastic but most of the times you would not have to send pictures larger than 1600 pixels wide which will reduce the file size to less than 1Mb. This is a lot easier to send as attachments.

In addition, the process of putting together an email is very cumbersome in most software packages. It would be very cool to have a program reduce your image sizes and create the email with all the images as attachments. Well, that’s exactly what Picasa does for you!

Picasa, makes the whole process of sending your favorite photos by email very, very simple.

Set up your Picasa options for automated email settings

It might look like there are a few options on the E-mail tab of the Picasa Options but essentially you have to make two choices.

Set your e-mail options on the Picasa Options E-mail tab
Efficient Picasa options for emailing pictures.

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Choose your email program

You have essentially two options: Outlook and Gmail. It is not surprising that Picasa doesn’t support Yahoo or Hotmail…why should they since Google makes Picasa?

Set your resolution

Make sure you don’t send pictures with the original size unless you really need to.

You can set the maximum resolution for the pictures you send by moving the slider. You can only use Picasa’s set resolutions. If you want a different resolution you need to export your pictures and set a different resolution when you export.

Select your pictures and click e-mail

In Picasa it’s simple: just select your favorite pictures (hold CTRL and click to select multiple pictures) and click the e-mail button at the bottom of the screen. Picasa will assemble your email according to your settings on the Options screen. It even puts some text in the email so you only have to type your addressee’s e-mail address.

E-mail message with multiple favorite pictures created by Picasa.
Efficient Picasa options for emailing pictures.

I have multiple Gmail accounts and Picasa even allows me to change which account to use. As you can see the email is ready to send…you only need to add email addresses in the “To” field and click the Send button.

Picasa will do everything for you…change the resolution of the pictures to the resolution specified in Options, attach them to the email and write a simple email message for you.

Conclusion about sending emails with Picasa

I have not seen any other programs that makes sending your favorite pictures by email this easy. It definitely shows that Google engineers have been paying attention to every step in the process. Using Picasa to send your pictures by email is really easy. I love it!

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