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3 reasons why I stopped printing pictures on my home photo printer


You want to start printing your photos at home…sounds great! You read all the online reviews for photo printers, you buy a photo printer and your start…it’s awesome! However, the experience turns out to be frustrating pretty soon. First the quality is inconsistent, then you realize it becomes very expensive and you end up frustrated. This was me a few years ago until I decided to stop trying to print my digital photos at home on my photo printer. Read on to find my three reasons why I stopped printing my photos at home.

I started printing photos at home in 2002…a long time ago. At the time I purchased a Canon i960 printer. I was so excited…printing pictures at home cheaply whenever I wanted. That’s what I thought at that time.

Everything started OK…it took me awhile to calibrate the printer but after that I was printing my photos wit good results. Since I was excited I kept printing a few pictures every day for about a week.

Printing your digital pictures on your home printer sounds great at first, but it quickly turns out into a frustrating experience.

Then I stopped for a few days…and when I tried printing photos again the frustration started to set in. After a few more weeks of frustration, I decided to stop trying to print my digital photos on my home photo printer.

Here are my three reasons why I stopped printing my digital photos at home.

Printing photos at home produces lots of frustration

The level of frustration with trying to print photos on a home ink jet printer is unbelievable. When the printer is new and I was excited about printing photos I was printing frequently. This was working for a while because when I was printing frequently the ink nozzles were moist and printing produced decent results.

However, when I stopped printing for a while , the nozzles were drying up and the ink was hardening on the nozzles and clog them up.

The only way to get the printer to print my photos again was to clean the nozzles and re-calibrate the printing head. All this took many tries and used a lot of ink.

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