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“You don’t just need to know what to click in Picasa! That alone will not help you organize your digital photos. What you actually need is a strategy for organizing your digital photos…you need a simple and efficient system for keeping your digital media together. So, this book is NOT JUST a great Picasa user’s manual, but it is actually about teaching you the most efficient system for organizing your digital photos. You learn the system and then use it every day without being lost and confused about what to do with your photos. Then you can finally be free to enjoy your digital photos.”

Specifically written for Picasa users, this book will show you how to:

  • Most importantly, you will learn the simplest and most efficient system for organizing your digital photos. Based on over 10 years of adjusting and refining, my STORE system will eliminate the guess work and frustration associated with keeping your digital media organized.
  • Use Picasa to transfer your pictures easily from your camera to your computer.
  • Use Picasa to create efficient folders that will enable you to find your pictures quickly.
  • Use Picasa for harnessing the power of efficient image tags.
  • Use Picasa to organize your family events pictures so that you quickly find all the fun moments to enjoy again.
  • Configure Picasa so it runs quickly and efficiently.
  • Use Picasa to find and remove duplicate pictures.

e-Book features:

  • Beautiful, PDF document with bookmarks created for easy document navigation.
  • 91 pages of detailed and practical tutorials.
  • 10 videos lasting almost 1 hour that will walk you through my STORE system one step at a time.
  • Lifetime FREE updates. You pay only once and get all book revisions by e-mail for free.
  • Full e-mail support. Ask and you shall receive an answer.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.

Do you really need this book?

If you have more than 100 digital pictures on your computer and you are using Picasa to manage them, then I guarantee you will become very frustrated if you don’t have a simple and efficient system for organizing them. I used to be frustrated too…very frustrated!

However, for over eight years I have developed and perfected the system I use now for keeping over 100,000 digital photos and videos organized and securely backed up. I have read pretty much all there is to read on the subject and I applied everything to my own very large and growing digital pictures collection. When you combine this simple system with the great qualities of the Picasa software everything just works…and it works well!

Then you can be free to enjoy all your pictures instead of looking all over your computer to find them.

What others say about my “Picasa” book

Probably would not have persevered with Picasa without having bought your book…it’s very clear and helpful. I used Photoshop Elements organizer but it was pretty poor. Thanks, I can spring clean my picture files now! Sue

Thank you sooo much!!! Finally someone writing the way I think!!! Kim

I recently purchased the book “Organize and manage your digital pictures with Picasa” and I think it’s wonderful. Debbie

I’m so grateful for your system and always amazed you are able to respond so quickly to my questions. Tyra

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Table of Contents

  • Part I: Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Why this book is very different
  • Chapter 2: Where is this book going to take you
  • Chapter 3: What about Picasa?
  • Part II: The STORE system
    • Chapter 4: STORE is a comprehensive system
    • Chapter 5: S – Shoot Pictures
    • Chapter 6: T – Transfer your pictures
    • Chapter 7: O – Organize your new photos
    • Chapter 8: O – Organize your existing photos
    • Chapter 9: R – Retrieve your pictures
    • Chapter 10: E – Export pictures
  • Part III: Install and configure Picasa
    • Chapter 11: Download and install Picasa
    • Chapter 12: Three simple ways to speed up Picasa
    • Chapter 13: Three simple settings for improving your Picasa experience
  • Part IV: Organize and manage your pictures with Picasa
    • Chapter 14: Transfer your pictures with Picasa in 3 simple steps
    • Chapter 15: Organize your pictures folders with Picasa
    • Chapter 16: Select and export your best pictures with Picasa
    • Chapter 17: 8 steps for avoiding duplicate pictures
    • Part V: Create and apply efficient image metadata with Picasa
    • Chapter 18: The road frequently traveled by image metadata
    • Chapter 19: Create image metadata with Picasa
    • Chapter 20: Apply geo-tags with Picasa
    • Chapter 21: How to use face detection efficiently in Picasa
    • Chapter 22: Picasa and image metadata standards
  • Part VI: How I organize my own digital photos
    • Chapter 23: How I organize my digital photos using the STORE system
    • Chapter 24: Conclusion
  • Appendix A: Use iPhoto somewhat efficiently
  • Appendix B: 5 steps for moving away from iPhoto
  • Appendix C: 6 steps for moving away from Photos
  • Companion videos

  • Overview of STORE (2:57)
  • Shoot photos (4:11)
  • Scan photos (7:33)
  • Transfer photos (7:34)
  • Organize new photos (6:07)
  • Organize existing photos (8:45)
  • Retrieve photos (5:17)
  • Export photos (7:39)
  • Remember your life’s events (10:23)