Step-by-step Personal Plan + 30+ videos + all my books + priority email support

“Designed for a serious student who wants to start organizing their digital photos and videos the right way without wasting any time and effort in the wrong direction. While it is not a quick process, Personal Coaching gives you the fastest way to implement and use my simple and efficient system.”

Personal Coaching is efficient and comprehensive

My STORE system will help you organize your own media collection. It simply works! In addition, my coaching program is comprehensive which means that it solves all the problems associated with your digital photos. Things like transferring from multiple phone brands, backing up your photo collection, using media sharing securely, in addition to being able to keep everything organized so you can find and use your favorite pictures.

I was able to transfer, delete some, move to appropriately named folders, and edited, added some tags and identified some people. So, at this point I am able to accomplish most of what I wanted to do – be able to organize my pictures and learn how to work with them to enhance their usefulness and appearance as well as share on the web and get prints made. Thanks very much for your help!” – Jane

Personal Coaching is personal

There is nothing general about Personal Coaching but everything is personal. What do I mean? Well, after answering a short set of questions via email, we’ll work on creating a personal plan for your computer setup, your software and your goals. You also get all my books and videos for free. In addition, you get dedicated email support for all your questions.

Whether you have 10 photos, or 10,000 photos as I do, sooner or later you will need a clear and efficient plan for organizing your digital photos on your computer. Once enrolled in Vlad’s Personal Coaching program you will receive very helpful emails written by Vlad specifically for your personal situation. Then Vlad guides you to view detailed videos showing you step-by-step how to transfer photos to your computer, organize them, retrieve favorite photos by name or subject matter, export them elsewhere, etc. I can now manage my many photos, back them up, retrieve particular photos and organize my old scanned photos. I recommend Vlad’s Personal Coaching highly. – Lou

Personal Coaching is self-paced

This means that you work on it whenever you find time. If some weeks you don’t find any time to work on your photos, no problem, your plan will clearly indicate where you are in the process so you can pick up where you left off. There is no need to pay anything extra ever! You pay once and you have access…forever. Listen to Tyra who is a mother of six children:

I am grateful for your helpful system. My children recently asked for pictures of their Dad to celebrate his 60th birthday. My husband and I have six children so it was quite a feat to gather them. With your system, they were easier to find. I also had to scan quite a few but I felt confident in knowing what to do with them after this process – or how to organize them!” – Tyra

Is Personal Coaching right for you?

If you are seriously considering taking control of your growing media collection so you can actually enjoy it and you would want someone to guide you along as you learn, then Personal Coaching is right for you. It is like having me look over your shoulder as you learn how to organize your media collection efficiently.

You need Personal Coaching if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

  • Are you overwhelmed by how many digital photos and videos you have on your computer?
  • Do you want to start organizing your digital photos the right way so you can enjoy and do fun projects with them?
  • Do you have lots of photos scattered across multiple devices like computers, phones or tablets?
  • Do you need an efficient backup strategy to protect your precious memories?
  • Are you running out of space on your computer because of too many duplicate photos?

However, if you are looking for a quick shortcut with a few tips on how to use your software and you’re hoping to be all organized at the end, let me tell you straight that my Personal Coaching course is not right for you. While my system is the simplest and most effective, it is by no stretch simplistic since the problem you are trying to solve is not a simple problem.

What are other people saying about Personal Coaching?

I would like to compliment you on your Personal Coaching at  With over sixty years of experience as a photographer, I have a  large number of images that had become a major problem in terms of lack of organization, and difficulty in finding not only a specific image but all its copies.  I first purchased your e-book on organizing with Picasa, and was impressed with your logical approach, even making a start with renaming folders.  However, I am not a Picasa enthusiast and, also, I needed a stimulus to focus on the issues involved and then keep at it.  Your Personal Coaching filled that need!  Its simple, personalized approach is ideal not only for the beginner, but also for advanced amateurs such as myself.  You are to be congratulated on your attention to the individual’s needs at each step of the way, and your extraordinary responsiveness.  An added bonus was the insight gained into software options in addition to Picasa. Top notch! – Barrie

I followed your guidelines re-loading photos from a card into Lightroom; deleting photos; changing file names, and moving to another folder etc. I had lots of new photographs this week to play with. Even though one of your video was about FastStone and not about Lightroom, I learned more about Lightroom, by watching your video, than I had reading books and watching videos about Lightroom itself. Thanks very much as I feel I’m making progress with Lightroom as well as organizing my photographs. – Ron

I have completed the organizational structure you laid out, cleaned up my numbering nomenclature which has helped tremendously. My transfer folder is a bit full, but it is not overwhelming. I am making progress on something that is definitely against my natural temperament (to take time to organize things) and I could not be more pleased. – Ric

I have finally found a solution to my problem of organizing my large collection of photos. Vlad has devised a Personal Coaching with instruction based on his many published articles from his website. These have been produced on his web site in chapter form so I could follow the justification and steps to arrange in orderly fashion my MULTITUDE of pictures. In addition, I had easy access to contacting Vlad by e-mail to assist me with any questions. The e-mail exchanges were prompt and very specific in how to correct any problems. This also included reference to prepared video instruction on steps in organizing my photos. When it became necessary, Vlad personally assisted me with remote sessions on a one to one basis. In essence, Vlad provided answers to my problem and was always available as if he was by my side arranging my photos. – Dan

Enroll in Personal Coaching

  • A personal and specific plan – I will personally work with you via email to understand your specific situation and we will create a simple plan for you so you can take control of your digital media collection. Based on over 10 years experience helping hundreds of people get control of their digital media collections, my personal plan for you will start exactly where you are and take you where you need to be so you can manage and enjoy your media collection.
  • 6 video modules – over 30 videos that are concise and effective in showing you exactly what to do. I have created videos specifically for Windows and the Mac.
  • All my e-Books for free – all my products are included.
  • Completely self-paced. You learn at your own pace and take as long as you want until you know how to do it.
  • Priority e-mail support. – Easy and focused e-mail communication directly with me. I answer your questions first.
  • Pay once, access forever. – There is only one simple payment but you have access to the material and your personal plan…well forever. No monthly payments or recurring fees.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.

P.S. Let me just summarize what you’re getting with Personal Coaching.
Yes, you are getting all my books and videos for free, but most importantly, you get to work directly with me to create your own personal plan for organizing your media on your computer. I’ll work with you every step of the way via e-mail to understand your computer setup and guide you as you make progress.

Highlights of the video modules

  1. Module #0: Getting started with the STORE system
    • Overview of STORE
    • Shoot photos
    • Scan photos
    • Transfer photos
    • Organize new photos
    • Organize existing photos
    • Organize scanned photos
    • Retrieve photos
    • Export photos
    • Remember your life’s events
  2. Module #1 – Take Inventory & Gather All Photos.
  3. Module #2 – Get to Know your Tools
  4. Module #3 – Transfer photos
  5. Module #4 – Organize Photos
  6. Module #5 – Organize Photo Metadata
  7. Module #6 – Export Photos

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