How many digital pictures do you have? Have you ever counted them? It’s easy! At the end of October 2009 I decided to keep track of how many digital pictures and videos I have on my hard drive. For almost three years, I have been providing an update at the end of each month showing you how many pictures & videos I have, how much space they take and how much space I have left on my main hard drive. After 2012 I stopped checking every month and instead count everything about once or twice a year.

& Videos
2021September221,834+52341.41 Tb+225 Gb
2020May216,600+37,3001.19 Tb+163 Gb
2018October179,300+10,7871.03 Tb+81 Gb
2017October168,513+15,399953 Gb+154 Gb
2016June153,114+26,759799 Gb+80 Gb
2016March126,355+1438719 Gb+28 Gb
2015October124,917+9489691 Gb+113 Gb
2014December115,428+15139578 Gb+79 Gb
2014February100,289+4809499 Gb+66 Gb
2013August95,480+7841433 Gb+49 Gb
2012August87,639+1976384 Gb+18.5 Gb
2012July85,663+2266365.5 Gb+12.5 Gb
2012June83,397+1940353 Gb+12.5 Gb
2012May81,457+1079340.5 Gb+6.5 Gb
2012April80,378+515334 Gb+8 Gb
2012March79,863+874326 Gb+3 Gb
2012February78,989+1008323 Gb+5 Gb
2012January77,981+471318 Gb+4 Gb
2011December77,510+966314 Gb+12 Gb
2011November76,544+1516302 Gb+20 Gb
2011October75,028+1424282 Gb+14 Gb
2011September73,604+2006268 Gb+17.8 Gb
2011August70,598+2039250 Gb+16.06 Gb