5 Steps To Text a Picture from OneDrive (not a link)

I like OneDrive and I used it a lot for storing documents and media in the cloud. Recently however, I’ve been struggling to find a solution to a simple problem when using OneDrive app on my iPhone.  All I wanted to do was to text a photo from OneDrive on my phone to someone else. But I didn’t want to send a link to the photo in OneDrive but instead I wanted to text the actual picture file from OneDrive and not a link to the picture.  Read on to learn how to text a picture from OneDrive on your iPhone and not a link.

What are iPhone Live Photos and Should You Use Them?

Since 2015, along with the release of the iPhone 6S, Apple introduced Live Photos as a major feature. Ever since its introduction, Live Photos has had a mixed audience, with many people liking iPhone Live Photos while others have figured out how to turn off Live Photos and never used them. In this article we will explore iPhone Live Photos and the pros and cons of using Live Photos on your iPhone.

4 Simple Ways to Share Photos on OneDrive

Learn how to share photos on OneDriveThere are many ways to share photos these days. If you rely on the smartphone camera, there are at least a dozen services that offer quick photo sharing right from your phone. All of the photo sharing companies offer photo and video storage space along with simple ways to access this storage space both from your computer and your mobile devices. Microsoft OneDrive is one of the major products that offer photo and video sharing along with lots of well known office applications. In this article I will show you how to share photos on OneDrive.

3 Easy Ways to Change Photo Metadata on Your Phone

Mobile phones have quickly become the most prevalent photo cameras. Only photographers and photo enthusiasts keep using bulky DSLRs anymore since cell phones have better and better cameras. However, when it comes to photo metadata, while mobile phone cameras work very well in recording all relevant photo metadata, photo management mobile applications vary a lot in how they allow you to see and edit this photo metadata. In this article we will explore three popular mobile applications and how they allow you to change photo metadata on your mobile phone.

How to Configure Google Drive for Desktop (Google Backup & Sync)

Google Drive and Google Photos are arguably two very popular Google cloud products. Because of its generous free storage space and beautiful interfaces, these products have millions of users worldwide. However, along with all these free services, Google has created a small program called Google Backup and Sync which allows you to backup files from your computer to your Google Drive and Google Photo cloud storage spaces.

Meet Mylio A New Way to Organize & Protect the Images that Define Your Life

The memories and stories of our life end up spread out across phones, computers, cameras, drives, and shoe boxes. What a mess! Who has time for all that? Thankfully, there’s an app that stores, manages, and helps you to find all of those precious photo memories. Mylio is a free app that turns your digital mess into an organized library. Your photos are kept private, protected and organized across your devices so that you can find and access them all the time.

7 Photo Gifts You Can Make for Family and Friends

Thumbnail of Manarola, ItalyThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s why photos make for some of the most fun and heartfelt gifts. There are all sorts of photo-related gifts you can give to your friends, family, and colleagues. These don’t have to break the bank, either. With today’s technology, adding photos to gifts is simpler than it has ever been!

The Ultimate Guide to Importing Photos with Lightroom

Lightroom thumbnailImporting photos with Adobe Lightroom looks frightening sometimes because of the intimidating import screen. Each section of the Lightroom Import screen is well laid out and easy to follow. Once you understand each section and the actions Lightroom can do for you, the entire photo importing process can be very much simplified for you. Read along to find out how to import your photos with Lightroom.

Easy Steps to Download Message Pictures to Your Phone

Getting text message pictures happens almost daily as our smartphones are always with us. We can take a look at these pictures with a simple tap and we can share them with our friends. While text message pictures are great for quickly sharing special moments, what do you do if you want to make sure you transfer your message photos to your computer? Or what if you wan to be able to save the message image into your phone’s photo collection? In other words, how do you get to use your text message photos? Read on to learn how to save your text message photos to your phone’s photo gallery.

5 Easy Ways to Change Photo Date

XnView logoEvery time I use a digital photo camera (phone or actual camera), the photo file includes the photo’s date and time when it was created. Often times however, digital photos come without metadata. Images downloaded from Facebook, Pintrest or messaging applications on our phones do not have any original metadata.  This is normally a good thing since we don’t want GPS location information to appear on the internet tied to our pictures.  However, if someone texts you a picture, especially containing family members, you would want to know the date when the picture was taken and maybe the location.  Well, it’s not there…so you need to fix it yourself. Read on to learn a few easy ways to change photo date.

Use Google Backup & Sync to Share Your Best Photos from Your Computer to Google Photos

Google Backup & Sync is the recent combination of Google Drive and Google Photos Desktop Uploader into one product. Since Google Photos is using Google Drive storage space, it makes complete sense to combine both into one application. It surprises me however, how much both Google and Microsoft are copying Apple when it comes to managing people’s media. The much publicized iCloud feature that synchronizes media on all your Apple devices has just showed up in Google….but a bit different and still confusing and difficult to set up. Now you can synchronize multiple devices with your Google Drive storage space. Should you do it? My answer is no…for the most part! However, you can use Google Backup & Sync in a very useful way.