Private 1-hour lessons via phone and remote connection to your computer

Don’t know where to start? Uneasy about making changes to your computer? Get unstuck and make fast progress with organizing your digital photos!
My 1-to-1 Private Lessons are aimed at solving your specific digital photo problems in about one hour’s time. Here are just some examples of problems that I can solve for you in one hour:

  • Create a simple and efficient folder structure for your digital media. This will get you started and show you how to continue.
  • Take all your unorganized photos and organize them automatically by date which will help you very quickly to start making sense of all your pictures.
  • Install and optimize Picasa or Adobe Lightroom
  • Transfer pictures from your phone or camera to your computer
  • Show you how to select your best pictures and use them for different projects (online sharing, photobooks, etc.)
  • Scanning old pictures and organizing them.
  • Install and configure automatic backups to an external hard drive

How long does a remote lesson take?

One hour…most of the times. I will work with you to find a suitable time when we can meet virtually and conduct the remote session. We usually schedule a session for 1 hour. If more time is needed, then we’ll schedule another session. Again, I will make sure that I understand exactly what needs to be done before attempting any remote lessons.

How does remote coaching work?

  1. Short e-mail interview. First off, I will conduct a short interview via e-mail so I understand exactly what you need help with. This helps me to know exactly what needs to be done on your computer so we do not waste any time.
  2. Schedule the remote private session. After a few emails, we work a time and day that works for both of us.
  3. The remote lesson on your computer and on the phone. Next, on the appointment day, I call you on the phone and connect to your computer remotely. Then I perform the tasks we agreed on and you watch and ask questions. Most of the times there is time for you to try to repeat what I have just done, so you feel confident on your own.
  4. Video and audio recording of the lesson. Within a day or two, I make the video recording available to you online to download and use as a reference.
  5. E-mail support. I will continue helping you via e-mail with any questions you might have after the private session.

This simple approach has worked great for a number of people who have taken my course, and it has helped them get “unstuck” as they were working to get things organized on their computers.

What are people saying about remote lessons?

Vlad’s approach to your particular situation might involve a One-To-One session where, for a modest fee, he remotely accesses your computer, views your present set-up, makes suggestions, points out possible problem areas, and greatly enhances your ability to store and manage your photos. I came away from this session extremely confident with my ability to organize and handle on my own the thousands of photos on my computer. – Lou

I started the online course with Vlad some time ago. My goal was to organize my pictures for myself and to hand them down to the next generation. Early on however, I developed neurological difficulty and was not able to continue with the course and could not progress with my goal. Vlad suggested doing one on one remote sessions in which he controlled my computer. He instructed me as I repeated the steps and I rearranged my digital photos on my computer. In practicing with him by my side remotely, I was able to proceed with the task. What is most important is that Vlad also provided a video recording of our session for my reference. This recorded the session so I can repeat any function that I might forget in the future. Because of Vlad’s patience and the recorded video session on my own computer, I am able to make great progress with my project and I am convinced that I can completely organize my photos. – Dan

How much does a private lesson cost?

  1. $90 for each hour of private coaching.
  2. After each session I will send you an invoice via e-mail. Payments can be made by credit card via PayPal or by personal check.
  3. Lessons last from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes. If more time is needed we will setup a new private session for a different day.

I am interested in private coaching, what do I do?

It’s simple! Just enter your contact information below and click submit. I will get back to you quickly to work out the details. There is no obligation until we agree on a time and date.

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