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Should you backup your digital photos online (or in the cloud)?

Online backup, cloud backup or off-site backup are all similar terms that refer to backing up your computer file to a location different than your home. Most of us understand how important backing up our digital photos is, but why do we need more than a simple external hard drive? What is all the fuss about backing up our computers in the “cloud”? And how do you choose a great online backup service. Read on about 3 essential features of a great online backup service.

5 Reasons I Backup Digital Photos Everyday

Do you really need to backup your pictures? The simple answer is YES! I’m hoping to explain why backing up your pictures is so important. Before I bought my first digital camera did I ever worry about backing up my photos? Of course not…I printed all of them and kept the negatives and that was my backup…no need to worry. The thought never went through my mind !