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Interview with travel photographer Tim Makins

He has visited 136 different countries, and all 7 of the 7 continents. Had breakfast at Tiffany’s in New York. Hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu (twice!). Bare-back riding on elephants – just him and the elephant. Been in a Space Shuttle trainer, touched a Saturn 5 rocket. Slept on a deserted desert islands. Been arrested and interrogated by Russian police (falsely !). Short of breath deep in the tunnels of the Potosi silver mines. Panned for gold in the Brazilian jungle, and found some. Climbed to 16,300 feet in Nepal, 17,500 feet in India. This is just a brief list of what Tim Makins has been able to do as a freelance travel photographer. Tim is always traveling, and I really mean always; every single day. Recently, I had the privilege of asking Tim some questions about travel photography. So keep reading my interview with travel photographer Tim Makins.

Interview with a New York street photographer

Street photography has always been challenging for me and I have only tried it when traveling abroad. Recently however, I had the privilege of chatting with Michael Jacobs about street photography. To make things even more interesting Mike lives in New York and for me, this was a most interesting combination: an interview with a New York street photographer.

3 simple principles for taking better pictures

cameraI don’t write much about taking better pictures simply because I am not a professional photographer. However, over the last couple of years I have been improving my photography. It is this process of learning that I want to share with you. I have read everything there is regarding what makes a better picture and I have applied what I have learned over the last couple of years. At first, the results started to show very quickly and I was very surprised by how little effort it took to improve my photography. The results were quick at first because my old pictures were just very bad. Once I made the first steps to improve my photography, the next steps were much harder. Read on to find out the principles I have learned to make my photos better.

3 simple tips for taking great pictures of children

Thumbnail of little girl smiling.I had a great experience working with my friend John the photographer. As I have indicated in my previous article, John Mueller has come and taken pictures of my children. He didn’t only take pictures of my newborn son but also of my three year old daughter. I learned a lot of things from John, about taking pictures of children. In my last article I shared the things I have learned about taking pictures of infants. In this article I want to share some things about taking pictures of toddlers.

4 Easy Steps for Taking Great Infant Photos

I normally don’t write much about how to take pictures because I’m not an expert photographer. I love photography but I’m not a great photographer even though I have learned a lot of things. I believe I have improved my photography greatly but I am still much behind in the creative department. I write this article however, because it is rare when I have the chance to see a good photographer up close and be able to learn a few things from him.

5 easy tips to taking better photos everyday

Taking a digital picture is very simple but obtaining a great picture is a complicated task. Have you wondered what is the difference between a great photographer and a beginner photographer? The main difference, in my opinion, is that a good photographer thinks the picture through before pressing the button. Then he or she uses all those manual features of their camera and they keep touching buttons…it feels like they take forever before they take that picture. The reason is very simple…getting a great picture is a complicated task. On the other hand, I believe that there are some simple steps that can can result in great pictures. Granted, these steps will not put you in the professional category but they can improve your photography greatly.

5 Simple Steps to Optimize Camera

This article contains a few tips for making the most of your digital camera. This page doesn’t provide advice on how to take better pictures (there are plenty of sites for that), but rather how to use features common to most digital cameras. I do not intend to provide user manuals for all digital cameras…so please don’t expect a long list with camera manufacturer and camera types. I am describing tips that would apply to all (almost) digital cameras. These tips are simplistic in nature but very useful.