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2 reasons why you would want an optical viewfinder in your next camera

An Optical Viewfinder is just a piece of plastic or glass that allows your frame your picture. It usually sits on top of your camera and doesn’t require any battery to operate. More and more new digital cameras have removed their optical viewfinder. New compact digital cameras have a larger display (digital viewfinder) and no optical viewfinder. The sub-compact cameras have all renounced the optical viewfinder. This is disappointing.

Consider this when buying a new camera

I have written a few weeks ago that it is very important to set your camera’s data and time correctly. However, some of the cheap cameras make that somewhat difficult. What do I mean? Well if you buy a cheap camera, the chances are that every time you take out the battery (or batteries) you would have to set the date and time again. This will be very annoying especially if your batteries don’t last very long.

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