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Best way to organize small children pictures

When our children are small we take lots and lots of pictures. I mean lots and lots and lots of pictures. The older our children get the less pictures we take of them. I think it all has to do with how cute they are…the smaller, the cuter and the more pictures we take of them. This large quantity of pictures can make organizing them pretty challenging. There is however, one simple trick that makes organizing children pictures much easier.

3 simple tips for taking great pictures of children

Thumbnail of little girl smiling.I had a great experience working with my friend John the photographer. As I have indicated in my previous article, John Mueller has come and taken pictures of my children. He didn’t only take pictures of my newborn son but also of my three year old daughter. I learned a lot of things from John, about taking pictures of children. In my last article I shared the things I have learned about taking pictures of infants. In this article I want to share some things about taking pictures of toddlers.

4 easy steps for taking great infant pictures

I normally don’t write much about how to take pictures because I’m not an expert photographer. I love photography but I’m not a great photographer even though I have learned a lot of things. I believe I have improved my photography greatly (read 5 simple things that will improve your photography) but I am so much behind in the creative department. I write this article however, because it is rare when I have the chance to see a good photographer up close and be able to learn a few things from him.

How to organize baby pictures

I find myself today in almost the same situation as when I started this blog. In the summer of 2006 I had my first baby, my daughter! That was three years ago. Now, three years later I had my second baby, my son! This is a great blessing indeed! Because we live in modern times with digital cameras, babies come with…well, among many other things, lots of pictures. And all these pictures need organization. There are a few things about organzing baby pictures that make the task a little different especially if you’re only using folders for organizing your pictures.

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