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Tutorial 6 – Insert geotags in your pictures

Digital photography can use many other technologies to add more information to your pictures. One of these technologies is to use GPS information. GPS information is used everywhere, from map making to Mapquest and Google Maps. It has become fairly easy to insert GPS information into your digital pictures. Why would you do that? Well, so that your picture show up on a map. That’s cool!

What’s really cool in Picasa 3.5

Picasa has recently released version 3.5 according to the Picasa blog. They have not updated everyone yet, meaning that when you open up Picasa, it would not prompt you to update. However, you can download the new version if you want. I did that yesterday and played with some of the new features. I believe the new version has some cool new things and some that…well, I’m not sure.

Image geotagging goes one step further with Flickr

It’s only a matter of time until image geotagging will become the one thing that every photographer will have to do for their pictures. This type of image metadata is becoming very useful and desired. Flickr, of course, is the master keeper of over 100 million geotagged images. This means that they can provide a tot of geographically linked images and they can also create all kinds of interesting relationships between images and photographers.

2 simple examples of using image geotags

Yeah, image geotags are cool, they’re the latest buzz…but who cares? Should you really care just because everyone else cares? Well, it takes a lot of time to create image geotags and put them in your images, then some sharing sites may use them while others may not…so what’s the use? In this article I’ll show you two of my own examples of using image geotags: Picasa Web Albums and Flickr…then you can decide for yourself if image geotags are the next thing you’ll be staying up late for.

How to use your image geotags in Flickr

mapGeotagging images is soon becoming the hottest topic in photography primarily thanks to Flickr. Flickr is such a popular photo sharing site (apparently after Facebook) that whatever Flickr does it spreads very quickly. Flickr has embraced image geotagging around 2006 I believe, and they have tailored their tools to make the picture geotagging process very easy for the user. It is surprising however, that Flickr doesn’t do image geotagging according to what it’s expected…but rather in a roundabout way.

2 simple methods for geotagging your pictures

When photography which is an art, intersects technology which is…not an art what do you get? You get some weird buzz words. Today’s star is Geotagging ! Think of it as Geographic Tags, or Geographic keywords. The thing that makes it weird is that GeoTags are actual coordinates, so they’re not related to tags or keywords at all. They’re not keywords…’cause they’re not even words.