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The Ultimate Guide to Importing Photos with Lightroom

Lightroom thumbnailImporting photos with Adobe Lightroom looks frightening sometimes because of the intimidating import screen. Each section of the Lightroom Import screen is well laid out and easy to follow. Once you understand each section and the actions Lightroom can do for you, the entire photo importing process can be very much simplified for you. Read along to find out how to import your photos with Lightroom.

How to change digital photos’ date and time

Many times these days, digital photos come without metadata.  Image metadata contains the date when the picture was taken along with useful location information. However, images downloaded from Facebook, Pintrest or messaging applications on our phones do not have any original metadata.  This is normally a good thing since we don’t want GPS location information to appear on the internet tied to our pictures.  However, if someone texts you a picture, especially containing family members, you would want to know the date when the picture was taken and maybe the location.  Well, it’s not there…so you need to fix it yourself. Read on to learn how to change a photo’s date and time.

4 fundamental differences between Picasa and Lightroom

Choosing the right software for managing your digital photos is very important because you spend a lot of time with this tool. These days, with so many digital photos and videos on our computers, the task of managing all this digital media has become very complex. So having a good tool is very important for every photographer. Google’s Picasa and Adobe’s Lightroom have become the two main choices of programs for most photographers. While there are similarities between the two, both Picasa and Lightroom are very different as well. Read on about four fundamental differences between the two most popular digital asset management tools.

3 fundamental similarities between Picasa and Lightroom

I have read a lot of debate on the internet about how much better Lightroom is than Picasa. I also read how much easier to use Picasa is compared with Lightroom. What I do not read however is how similar these two popular products are. I am not talking about how they look and their different image editing features, but I am referring to the way both of these programs have been built, their foundation if you will. When looking closely at these core functions, both Picasa and Lightroom are more similar than most people think. Read on to understand how these programs are similar.

Is Adobe Lightroom the best program for managing your pictures?

For a good while now, Adobe Lightroom has become the software of choice for professional photographers. It’s true, when I read about how professional photographers manage their pictures, they mostly talk about Lightroom as if it’s expected that they would use Lightroom. However, I have been using Google’s Picasa for a good few years now, ever since Google has added image metadata support in Picasa. Picasa has been great for organizing, editing and sharing my pictures. So why am I talking about Adobe Lightroom? Are you thinking about using Lightroom?

8 steps to avoid duplicate digital photos

We take so many pictures these days and we have so many ways to publish our pictures that we are bound to end up with duplicates of our pictures. Modern image editing software programs make it very easy to edit our photos but in the process we can create duplicates of our images. With so many pictures it is very hard to remember what we do and this can bring confusion when we look at our pictures on our computers. We can end up with lots of duplicates. There are some simple things that can be done to avoid having duplicate files. Read on to find out some simple ways to avoid having duplicate images on your computer.

How to choose the right software for organizing your pictures

I get asked pretty often what is the right software for organizing pictures. I usually answer with: it depends. It truly does depend. It depends on what you are are hoping to achieve. I tend to recommend free software first, depending how far the person has gone on the picture organization path. If specific commercial goals are in mind, then I recommend powerful commercial software that go beyond what a home user needs. So, what is the right software for organizing your pictures? Read on to find out how I think about this issue.

How to choose the perfect digital photography software

Have you ever thought that you just found the perfect digital photography software? You got excited and said that you have finally found what you were looking for. Of course you did…I did…many times! After a while however, I noticed that the reason for my changing the digital photography software was different. Read on to find out.

Understand all digital photo management software

There are many digital photography software programs today that help you organize your digital pictures. Some are called image viewers while others are called digital asset management programs. They can be free of charge or can cost hundreds of dollars to buy. How can one make sense of all these options? It is actually pretty simple because there are essentially three categories of image management programs. Read on to find out what they are.

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