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Adobe Lightroom version 3.0

Adobe Lightroom v 3.0 Beta has been released for sometime now. You can download it too and play with it. You can even send your feedback to Adobe. I believe the software will work until April of 2010 when they are planning to release the commercial version. See link at the bottom of this article to download Adobe Lightroom 3.0 Beta.

How to add image keywords with Adobe Lightroom

words on blackboardI have been looking for a long time for some software that would allow me to manage keywords in an efficient manner. What do I mean by efficient? It’s pretty simple: all I want is the ability to group my keywords into categories or domains. For example: I want car, boat, ship, carriage, bus and bicycle to all be grouped into a domain called transportation. This seems simple, but I can’t really find any decently priced :) software to do that. Now, I was suspecting that Adobe Lightroom might do what I wanted but the price was way too much for me! Eventually I decided to give Lightroom a try and found out why people like it.

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