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How to change digital photos’ date and time

Many times these days, digital photos come without metadata.  Image metadata contains the date when the picture was taken along with useful location information. However, images downloaded from Facebook, Pintrest or messaging applications on our phones do not have any original metadata.  This is normally a good thing since we don’t want GPS location information to appear on the internet tied to our pictures.  However, if someone texts you a picture, especially containing family members, you would want to know the date when the picture was taken and maybe the location.  Well, it’s not there…so you need to fix it yourself. Read on to learn how to change a photo’s date and time.

How to find your favorite digital photos

Being able to find your specific digital photos when you need them is the “make it or break it” test of any digital media organization system. Retrieving your photos is one of main goals of organizing your photos, and this is where your digital photo organization system. If we have done things the right way, we are now coming to reap the benefits of all of our efforts done for organizing our digital media collection. All those folders, keywords, face tags and geo-tags are finally coming in very handy. Read on to see how.

The essential guide to photo metadata

There is so much talk these days about image metadata. And for good reason, since metadata is at the heart of any system for organizing your digital photos. However, there are only two categories and only two sources of metadata. Understanding these basic aspects of image metadata will help you stay focused on the important things when organizing your digital photos. Read on to understand the only two sources of image metadata.

5 simple steps for moving away from iPhoto

icon_iphotoApple’s iPhoto is the default photo management program that comes standard on every Mac computer. Everyone who gets a Mac uses iPhoto, at least at the beginning. Many people however, realize that once you start using iPhoto, you can’t make any changes to the folder structure where your photos are saved. Once you realize this and decide to use another software that would give you the freedom you need, there are a few steps you have to perform in order to “free” your pictures. Keep reading and see these simple steps you can take in order to move away from iPhoto.

Everything you need to know about Picasa metadata

Image metadata has been around for a long time. Standards for image metadata however have been trying to keep pace with consumers’ appetite for digital content. As a consequence, image metadata standards have been in flux for a while. It has been very difficult for software makers to adapt both to new standards and customer demands as the two are almost always out of sync.

4 time-tested principles to keep your media collection organized…for a long time

These days, with technology changing rapidly and digital cameras becoming more and more ubiquitous, it becomes very easy to be confused by so many voices when it comes to keeping your growing media collection organized. However, there are few principles that will help you stay on track and be able to grow and organize your media collection without worrying about the next new technology or next new program that claims to do it all for you. Read on to find the principles that will keep your media library insulated from technology changes and help you keep your sanity.

Simple strategy for making your pictures memorable

What makes a picture memorable to you? I agree that knowing good photography techniques help photographers make memorable pictures for others…they are simply cool pictures. However, for most of us, photos become memorable because they contain people and places we love. These memorable pictures are surrounded by things that are meaningful to us and mostly meaningless to others. Preserving the circumstances of your pictures is what I call creating a meaningful image context. Read along to understand what it is and how to create meaningful context for all your images.

Efficient image tagging techniques or how to create a controlled vocabulary

If you have been using image tags for a while, the topic of managing your keywords is very relevant. If you’re new however, to image keywords, then this topic might not seem necessary, at least not now. However, after applying keywords to your images without any strategy, you will end up having a pile of keywords that you can’t sort out. Just like folders can become unusable if not named and organized correctly, keywords too can become unusable if not maintained properly. In order to avoid this problem you need to create efficient keywords, or in other words, you need a controlled vocabulary. But how do you create a controlled vocabulary? Read on to find out.

Understand all digital photo management software

There are many digital photography software programs today that help you organize your digital pictures. Some are called image viewers while others are called digital asset management programs. They can be free of charge or can cost hundreds of dollars to buy. How can one make sense of all these options? It is actually pretty simple because there are essentially three categories of image management programs. Read on to find out what they are.

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