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2 simple methods for geotagging your pictures

When photography which is an art, intersects technology which is…not an art what do you get? You get some weird buzz words. Today’s star is Geotagging ! Think of it as Geographic Tags, or Geographic keywords. The thing that makes it weird is that GeoTags are actual coordinates, so they’re not related to tags or keywords at all. They’re not keywords…’cause they’re not even words.

Understand and manage your image metadata

Tagging your images is so cool, compared with using plain old folders…at least that’s what everyone seems to say. But how do your carefully created keywords get attached to your images? What are EXIF, IPTC and XMP? And most of all…why should you care about all of these acronyms? Understanding the different types of image metadata will help you better manage your pictures. Read on to find out what happens behind the scenes of your image tags.

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