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5 Steps To Text a Picture from OneDrive (not a link)

I like OneDrive and I used it a lot for storing documents and media in the cloud. Recently however, I’ve been struggling to find a solution to a simple problem when using OneDrive app on my iPhone.  All I wanted to do was to text a photo from OneDrive on my phone to someone else. But I didn’t want to send a link to the photo in OneDrive but instead I wanted to text the actual picture file from OneDrive and not a link to the picture.  Read on to learn how to text a picture from OneDrive on your iPhone and not a link.

4 Simple Ways to Share Photos on OneDrive

Learn how to share photos on OneDriveThere are many ways to share photos these days. If you rely on the smartphone camera, there are at least a dozen services that offer quick photo sharing right from your phone. All of the photo sharing companies offer photo and video storage space along with simple ways to access this storage space both from your computer and your mobile devices. Microsoft OneDrive is one of the major products that offer photo and video sharing along with lots of well known office applications. In this article I will show you how to share photos on OneDrive.

Understand and manage phone photos

Mobile phones have become the tool of this age. This is for good reason because a mobile phone is simply a computer that fits into your pocket. Besides being a computer, your mobile phone is a phone, a camera, a GPS system and a compass. Your mobile phone has a good camera these days which makes it the most convenient camera to take with you everywhere. Mobile phones have made photo taking so easy that we keep creating lots of pictures and videos every month. And I mean lots and lots. However, with quantity comes the problem of organizing them. Organizing photos on your phone is very difficult. Find out why.